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Gumby’s personal testimonial “We’ve tried this stuff around the offices and think it’s great. Not only does it work as advertised, it’s an excellent energy boost/substitute for coffee, and does wonders on hangovers. (something I unfortunately have way to many testimonials about.)”Available to the general public for the first time, Cognamineâ„¢ (nick-named BodyQUICKEN by the media) is the world`s first and only laboratory-tested and Olympian-proven athletic speed accelerator. Cognamine produces visible results within 30-60 minutes of the first dose and has been used for its dramatic and immediate effects____ on reaction speed, muscular strength, and nervous system endurance by world-champions in over 10 sports, including: UFC Champions, Pride Champions, K-1 Champions, Olympic Boxing Champions, Rings Champions, Golden Gloves Head Boxing Trainers, Muay-Thai World Champions, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Mundial Champions, and NCAA Wrestling Champions. “BrainQUICKEN works. Get it before your competition does.” Dr. Michael Janzen, DC Fight Doctor to UFC, Pancrase, and K-1 Champions Janzen & Janzen Sports Health Clinic

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