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While we were in Brazil, I was amazed at the Brazilians’ thirst for new methods of conditioning and training.While we were in Brazil, I was amazed at the Brazilians’ thirst for new methods of conditioning and training. While spending some time with Ze’ Mario Speary, we talked about how many Americans were traveling to Brazil to study Jiu-Jitsu and how many Brazilians were traveling to America to learn more about conditioning. Speary has been travelling to America to learn more advanced techniques on conditioning and strength training. He informed me that he was substantially impressed with the conditioning of American wrestlers. Mario Speary pointed out the most valuable conditioning technique he had learned in America was plyometrics. Speary exclaimed to me he loves plyometrics!

When we returned to the States, I elected to proceed to make a deeper, more thorough investigation of plyometrics. At the time of initial inquiry, I discovered JUMPUSA, the leading plyometrics superstore in the world. I telephoned JUMPUSA and asked the owner John Kim if we could review some of his products. He mailed a colossal box of products. We will be reviewing the entirety of the extensive and representative products from JUMPUSA in the near future. The first product we are reviewing are the Jumpsoles with Proprioceptors. These shoes use technology to push your body to it’s fullest potential. Jumpsoles are the platform shoes you may have seen before. They are primarily used to improve your vertical leap. An incredible tool and advancement in footwear is produced by adding the Proprioceptors (to these shoes). Proprioceptors are golf ball sized balls on the bottom of the platform shoes. They force you to maintain your balance in the middle of your feet at all times. Your base is improved by forcing you to try and balance on the round balls on the bottom of your feet. Take the Jumpsoles off and you’ll feel unsweepable as if you’re glued to the floor.

Jumpsoles will also drastically improve your vertical leap. They guarantee 5 to 10 inches or your money back and .2 seconds off your 50 yard dash. We all know how important speed is for grappling. That vertical leap height translates into power. Frank Shamrock uses Jumpsoles with Proprioceptors in his new video he reviews many different exercises he does to build his game using the Jumpsoles with Proprioceptors. (clip from FS tape)

The biggest improvement I have noticed is in the recovery of my ankle and knee injuries. The video tape included with the Jumpsoles has specific exercises developed by NFL trainers for joint strengthening using the Jumpsoles. I can?t say enough about how great these simple exercises work. In just a week, I was experiencing a monumental change in my ankles? lateral strength, and, in a month, my strained MCL was tightening back up and feeling much stronger. These shoes allow you to stretch ligaments and muscles like never before.

BJ Penn, Cameron Earle, and a few others have all been testing these products now for a few months. Overall, we all love the Jumpsoles. I’ve personally added 3 inches to my vertical leap. Overall, I’d rate these as at Black Belt Level. Guarantied you’ll see great results.

Highly recommended.

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