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Who ever desiged these shorts is a genius.Who ever desiged these shorts is a genius. That person was smart enough to put a nice little hidden pocket inside for twenty bucks so you can eat after class. Great idea I love it.

I found these shorts to be very comforable and a little more forgiving, I think because they are a little lighter weight material. Since they are made from cotton they breath really well. I’ve been wearing these shorts for a couple of weeks now and they are my favorite everyday training shorts. It will be interesting to see how they will hold up in the long run. I’ve been wearing my other lycra shorts for over six months now and they are going strong. This is the first cotton pair I’ve tried and so far I like them.

Showdown Fight Wear is a new Candian company out of Tronoto. They have a growing line of Vale Tudo products and are working hard to promote mixed martail arts. Showdown currently sponosors Universal Combat Challenge in Montreal and Joslin’s Canadian Open Grappling Championships this year on November 18th.

Look for a new Showdown Fight Wear Web site soon at with Web master Jonny Walls running the show.

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