Product Review: Sprawl Fusion Stretch Series Fight Shorts


CompanySprawl Fusion Stretch Series (Fight Shorts)
Product Model: Fusion Stretch Series (Fight Shorts)
WeightApproximately 1.5 pounds
Durability: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (10 being the best)              Score: 10
Color: White/Blue/Gray
Shrinkage:   Y/  yes how much –
Price: $39.50 on
Does it meet IBJJF regulations:  Y/ N     why not: The only reason these particular shorts do not meet IBJJF regulations is due to the color scheme I chose. If you were to purchase the Black with Urban Camo & White or the Black, White & Gray you would be able to compete in them.
Size ChartI ordered by my waist size, but check the website site to find your right size.
How I conducted the review:  I have read several reviews of numerous fight shorts and found the reviews to be repetitive. Some of the topics that are usually covered in reviews include feature pros & cons, why the reviewer liked or disliked the product and unfortunately this does not include actually wearing and testing the apparel. Therefore, in order to provide a more thorough review, I, as the reviewer decided to use the shorts in my daily training routine for 2 weeks.  What does my daily training routine entail? I am currently training for the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials here in San Diego. I tested the shorts with my every day workouts, strength training, swimming, running, and grappling and performing at least 3 to 4 of these activities per day. I started the review about 2 weeks ago with my daily run at 4am. During the run, I felt the material of the shorts was extremely light & comfortable. The thick, strong elastic waist band with a built in draw-string kept the shorts on my hips, at no point did I sense they were sliding lower like other shorts. The built-in pocket on the right side of the shorts was the largest inside-pocket I have ever seen. It accommodated my IPhone & IPod. 
 Throughout the next two weeks, I did a lot of cardio training, my favorite being swim/runs. During both the swim & the run I wore the shorts. I would swim for 30 minutes followed by putting sneakers and a t-shirt on and running a 5k. During the swim, the shorts felt like a normal bathing suit or board shorts, I felt little to no drag from them. After the swim, I got out to begin my run. I never dried the shorts off, they just dripped dried. Since Sprawl shorts are built to repel sweat, the shorts dried quickly on their own.  During the run, I never felt as if the shorts were weighing me down. I own my fair share of grappling shorts & I feel that Sprawl has set the standard for how grappling shorts should look, feel and perform.
Thank you to Mike & Sprawl for allowing me to conduct this review. Check out Sprawls site( for updates on sale & new products. Also, be sure to check out for additional product reviews.
·         Great Fit                                                                                                                                                               
·         Easy to maneuver in                                                                                                                          
·         Light weight- Great to for swimming/ running/ grappling/ strength-training                                                                                             
·         Huge front pocket for IPHONE/IPOD/I.D./ ETC      
·         Inner-Thigh Stretch Material
·         Very secure waist band                                                                                                                                            
·         I had no con on these shorts.

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