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Spawl Fight Shorts Are Here- Alright, no doubt from many hours on the mat you’ve developed the physique to be the envy of all. Still, the tight grappling shorts typical of this sort which leave little to the imagination are just not your style. You’ve tried wearing some board shorts before, and probably ruined a few pairs, as most were designed for the beach or surf as opposed to the rigors of grappling -even worse they may have restricted your movement.

Along comes Sprawl brand shorts. These are board shorts specifically designed for grappling. Made of super strong four ply nylon, there are no pockets for your opponent to grab unto. A patent pending Cross Side Waist Ban, with the Velcro system and inside tie for secure fit. Cut to allow a full range of motion as necessary for this sport. Triple stitched to all major seams for durability. In short, the grappling shorts of the future.

We’ve had a few pairs around the OTM offices for a while now and we can honestly say we’re very happy with them. They are extremely comfortable and have held up well to the abuse that is typically given to grappling wear.

Sprawl Shorts have been featured prominently as sponsors in many grappling competitions such as Grappler’s Quest, NAGA and the Abu Dhabi Trials.

Sizes available are 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, and 42. If you’re an odd waist size you’ll want to look at a size down. Colors available are black or gray. Price is just $45 for the first grappling board short of it’s kind. Shipping is $4.50 for domestic orders and all orders are shipped priority mail.

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