Proving Dominance – Rafael Lovato Jr. and His Students at the ADCC

 Rafael Lovate Jr is has won more medals in the World Championships than any American in BJJ history. He is currently showing some of his BEST Jiu Jitsu Guard passes online at

Rafael’s Students excelling…

If you live under a rock you probably haven’t seen the interview between Coach Dan Faggella  and top Ju-Jitsu black Belt Rafael Lovato. Do yourself a favor and get with the program already! It is one of the best and most insightful interviews EVER done with Rafael Lovato Jr and it is highly recommended you check it out. Do you know “pressure passing” even is? These are not just terms, but a STYLE of Ju-Jitsu that is a MUST learn to take your grappling game to NEW heights, especially if you expect to compete at a high level grappling competition like ADCC one day.  What are you waiting for!?!?!?! 

Speaking of ADCC, Rafael mentions that he has two of his students going with him to it this year! They already won the trials and will competing in the Heaviest weight class! One of them is just a BLUE BELT!!!  Can you believe that? A blue belt beating black belts and competing in the world’s biggest grappling tournement? He beat not one, but TWO black belts. There is something to be said about that! The other belt rank that will be joining Rafael at ADCC will be one of his black belt students.

Towards the final minutes of the interview Rafael credits his teachings and pressure passing system for helping his students get into ADCC and competing at such a high level!

Not all teachers are created equal

This year Rafael Lovato is setting a record and really making his mark in the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu community. Along with himself, he is having three of his students competing along side with him in ADCC this year. This is unheard of. It’s hard enough for most instructors to get into ADCC, let along have their students win trials and get in. No other ADCC competition in history has made it to competition alongside three of their students. If you know of anyone who broke Rafael’s record here, please let me know. SERIOUSLY!

I think the bigger picture here too is how much of a great teacher Rafael is too. No one can deny his multiple medals and ranking on BJJ Bishop, etc…but the bigger picture is how he is extremely talented in communicating and breaking down Brazilian Ju-Jitsu into systems (ex: Pressure Passing, Transitions, etc) One thing is to be a great competition, but the next thing is to be a great teacher. Most people agree that Mike Tyson can box great, but probably is NOT great when it comes to teaching what he did in the ring during his prime. That is a skill! That skill Rafael obviously possesses. Let this years ADCC be proof of that. Rafael mentioned at the end of the interview that he wanted to leave his mark in Ju-Jitsu…I think he is doing just that. Be sure to check out the link above for the full interview.

If you’d like to learn from a teacher / competitor at the calibur of Rafael Lovato Jr., then please visit him online to see his NEW No Gi Pressure Passing system – here (plus free training videos and Websinars from the master himself!).

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-Daniel Faggella

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