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As an introduction, my name is Erin and I train with Romulo Barral. I started my own blog back in April just to jot down my own personal experiences with the sport. I figured that writing is a passion of mine and since there aren’t very many resources on the subject (despite a few absolutely amazing existing blogs already,) another one on the scene couldn’t hurt. Regarding my most recent project, my zine, (hold on I’ll explain) I wanted to create something that stood out, that wouldn’t be dismissed, that would be a resource beyond a link on a webpage that encourages you to give more profile views and perhaps click a few ads for revenue. My zine is in print. The first issue is short and sweet given that the cost of copies really does add up and it was my first one to try absolutely everything with and mess up a million times before I got it right. A zine looks like a pamphlet, it comes in many shapes and sizes but all of them serve one purpose– to allow the writer to expose and distribute their own thoughts and concerns. Most are about political views and collaborations of stupid drawings and scribbles but mine was created to mimic a magazine, delivering mostly objective information regarding the sport aspect of jiu jitsu. The first issue has an exclusive interview with Romulo and an article I wrote about my friend Benny Dariush. I’ve distributed it at my own cost to a grip of places so far but I’d really appreciate some more addresses to send them to in order to get them into academies and in the hands of jiu jitsu lovers like myself. If you’re interested, I’ll send a few copies at no cost, just PM me your address. Any exposure is good exposure and the next issue will be out late this month if all goes well! 

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