PUNCH DRUNK FIGHTER: “Where Facebook Meets Fight Club!”

Dear MMA enthusiasts:

I need your help to launch my new web site, Punch Drunk Fighter (http://www.punchdrunkfighter.com). It’s a social networking web site for mixed martial arts, and the site is entirely free. I like to describe it as Facebook meets “Fight Club.” I wanted a place where people who love martial arts can build a community.

Punch Drunk Fighter will have a ton of cool features. It will give you a place to share your photos, videos and ideas with your friends. It will include news from many of the major web sites (including Sherdog, UFC, etc.) updated hourly. Also, in addition to the user-generated content, the site will have hundreds of new mma-related videos updated daily from Youtube, Google Video and Daily Motion.

The site will be a great forum for fans, students, instructors, gym owners and fighters to build a community.

Some Benefits:


· Read the latest news.

· See the latest videos.

· Interact with your favorite fighters.


· See the latest techniques.

· Interact with students from all over the world.

· Meet friends and find places to train anywhere.

Instructors/Gym Owners:

· Promote your school for free.

· Post video of new techniques and classes (similar to BJ Penn’s web site).

· Build a community around your school.


· Build a fan base.

· Communicate directly with promoters.

· Attract sponsors and advertisers.

It is a very easy three-step process to set up an account.

1. Fill out a profile.

2. Invite your friends.

3. Upload content.

4. Enjoy!


Misho Ceko


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