Q & A: Erivan Conceição – Anderson Silva’s boxing coach

Erivan Conceição is one of the top athletes trained at the Champion Academy, of Luiz Dórea in Bahia, Brazil. With several titles in boxing, the fighter landed in Rio de Janeiro, where he trained with great fighters like Nogueira brothers, Anderson Silva, and Rafael "Feijão" Cavalcante. In chat with the Brazilian website Portal do Vale Tudo, Erivan said he has been impressed with the high level of Anderson in boxing. 


What do you think about Anderson’s boxing? What has impressed you on him?


Anderson is very talented, has excellent boxing, and to exchange with him it is complicated. He is very creative, an artist up there, which represents well and he also has good boxing. We’re still correcting, because h e still has some flaws, but I’m sure that until the fight he’ll be 100%. He has the talent and absorbs well what we teach him. We are giving huge support, and he has good head and will improve more. I would say that he is already 90% and after correcting some minor details, he will be perfect.


Anderson was going to fight with Vitor Belfort, who got hurt. You trained with Vitor at some point?


I trained with him in Bahia and he uses his left hand very well, and is a very aggressive boxer. I believe he would not complicate Anderson. Vitor’s style is very forward, professional, and hard. Like Anderson boxes and moves well, I do not see him facing major problems.


How do you think would be the fight?


Vitor is also a very good fighter and tough. I think that in the fight, Anderson would get the knockout from the third round, because Vitor is very explosive and Anderson boxes and moves well. In my opinion, it would be Anderson’s victory. 


Another Champion Academy fighter you train, that has stood out is Dos Santos. What are you thinking about his success in the UFC?


We train together in Bahia and when he comes to Rio we also train here. He is a young fighter, who is also very experienced. He is in Champion Academy training boxing every day and does not miss any day. He is very talented and dedicated. He has a very strong hand and I’m sure that he’ll be a UFC champion one day.


About the MMA fighters that you know, in addition to Dos Santos, has anyone who impressed you? 

Here in Brazil, I see Feijão as a fighter who has good boxing and that is quick for his division. From other countries, I like B.J. Penn for being a complete fighter. He impresses me greatly. He is an excellent striker and is also great on the floor.


*Photo: Courtesy of Portal do Vale Tudo

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