Q & A: Sengoku fighter, Marlon Sandro

King of Pancrase and the next challenger to Sengoku Featherweight Championship, Marlon Sandro, talks with us about his last fight, next bout, and more.  


How was your last fight?


Thank god the fight was set in only 9 seconds. I managed to fit an upper, causing the opponent to fall already mastered. This caused it to end so fast.

You impressed everyone and even the champion of Sengoku. What did you think of this?

This last fight had to be for the title, but the champion had been hurt and I had to fight his teammate. How I won, he challenged me after the fight right there in the ring. It was something weird, because if I won, I had to challenge him, but it was the opposite.

The fight for the title is already scheduled?

Certainly, on June 20 we will be fighting for the title. I’m already preparing myself and training slowly to help the team. I’m traveling with Jose Aldo for his fight with Urijah Faber and also intend to help Vitor Shaolin in U. S. Then when I come back, I will already be in high level.

How are the workouts?

Everybody is well, training very hard and seriously. Any fighter can beat up someone from Nova União Academy, because no one is invincible, but it will be a hard challenge. All are trained, they are strong and prepared to face any challenge. We are doing our best, training hard, and always looking for the best. We always seek to improve what was wrong and adjust as needed.

People are accustomed to seeing Brazilians dominate major tournaments in U.S. Now you in Sengoku, Willamy Chiquerim in Shooto, and Bibiano Fernandes in Dream, are also showing that Brazilians can do the same in Japan. How is that?

Thank God. Besides, so has Leo Santos, who is returning to the way of victories. It’s an honor being placed among the group of the best fighters. It’s my dream, always battled for it and I’m doing my best to reach my goals. Today everything is going well and I have reached a level comparable to top Brazilian athletes. Representing Brazil in Japan, as did Wanderlei and Minotauro. It’s what we’re doing now in lighter divisions. This is a great pride for us.

How are you being recognized there after great victories?

They are very pleased with my performances, so they opened the door to fight when I want. They liked my work and I’m giving my best to ensure my future.

*Photo: Tatame.com.br

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