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Todd is a Carlson Gracie Black Belt and one the last fighters to stay dedicated to Carlson’s team.On Aug. 4th Todd Medina will come out of retirement and fight Akira Shoji in the King of the Cage. In case you do not recall, Todd was one of the early UFC fighters (UFC #5), and considered one of the early American pioneers of Jiu-Jitsu. Todd is a Carlson Gracie Black Belt and one the last fighters to stay dedicated to Carlson’s team. Under the guidance of Carlson Gracie, Todd had an impressive fight record of 68 and 9. One of Todd’s loses came at the hands of Pride Fighting World Champion Wanderlei Silva. Todd fought Wanderlei in Wanderlei’s own backyard in Brazil while suffering from food poisoning. Even with being sick, Todd refused to back out of the fight keeping true to his reputation of fighting anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Speaking with Todd he said that he is training harder then ever for this fight. Todd said that after fighting in many different weight classes he found the weight he likes best at 185 pounds. Todd said that he does not need to cut much weight for a fight and feels that he has excellent strength at this weight. To enhance his training he has bought a cage which he is keeping in a private warehouse where he is training for this fight. Not wanting to give up any of his training secrets, Todd did tell me that he is working on his striking skills that he learned from the renowned boxing coach Jesse Reed. Todd is already known for his Jiu-Jitsu skills and plans to show Akira why he received his black belt from Carlson Gracie himself. Although he is training for the fight, he still makes the time to teach his classes at his gym called the Fight School in Huntington Beach.

Todd is looking to regain his dominance in the sport and plans on beating Akira on the ground. One thing is for sure, the fans will be winners being able to watch two top fighters battle it out in the cage.

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