Rafael Cordeiro: “What was seen on Saturday will have no excuse!”

The Brazilian podcast, Radio PVT, reflected the defeat of Shogun Rua with the nominee coach of the MMA Awards, Rafael Cordeiro.


Cordeiro showed his deep sadness in seeing the defeat of his former student in UFC 128. "If I did not know him, would find that Jon Jones was the champion", but left the door of his academy open for Shogun. "Just depends on him, but the will have to leave from the athlete".


The Kings MMA leader also spoke about why Wanderlei should make a fight before his long awaited rematch with Belfort and challenged Greg Jackson (MMA Awards winner for best coach in MMA in 2010) to a direct confrontation: "Everything is made ​​of results … If you put his roosters against ours, ours will beat them". Rafael has also shown that considers the role of coach in the locker room key in a fight. "It is for the coach to call the spirit of the athlete during the most difficult moment and each has its peculiarities. With Pelé and Wanderlei we work in a way, with Anderson and Shogun in the other", said Rafael.

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