Rafael Lovato Jr. Releases Instructional App for iTunes!!!

Our good friend and sponsored fighter, Rafael Lovato Jr., is releasing his first instructional series as an iTunes app all about Omoplatas.  It will be a three part series and part one is just about to launch just in time for the holidays.  Rafael Lovato Jr. is the 2nd American to win the Mundials as a Black Belt and the 1st & only American to win the Brasileiro as a Black Belt.  Just recently Rafael and his student Justin Rader won the 2010 No-Gi World Championships as Black Belts.  This establishes Rafael as the only American to have won the gi and no-gi Worlds as a Black Belt.  Rafael is an excellent instructor and now you can have him teaching you right on your apple device.  Look out for the announcements about the release of his app on these sites:




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