Rage In The Cage ready to rock Casa Grande

ARIZONA – The cage is the rage once again, this time at the Pinal County Parks and Recreation Fairgrounds in Casa Grande Saturday, Dec. 3.

Ultimate Fighting and mixed martial arts fans get ready for a night of spinning-back kicks, knees to the gut, flailing fists, power punching, choke and submission holds galore and one-on-one extreme fighting, where combatants use boxing, jujitsu, wrestling, karate and a plethora of mixed martial arts skills to defeat their opponents while locked in a 21-foot diameter octagonal cage.

The next Rage In The Cage show will feature up-and-coming cage fighting sensation Rosco McClellan of Mesa, a Super Welterweight who defeated his last opponent in 1:56 of the first round with an arm submission hold at RITC’s last event held at the Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson.

He is a free-style fighter who has had eight pro-bouts over the last ten months, while maintaining a full-time job as a professional car painter.

“A lot of this is a mental,” Rosco said. “In that cage it’s anybody’s game and even someone who is just starting out can beat you if they catch you with a wild punch. Anything can happen in that cage. That’s why proper mental training is important.”

“Rage in the Cage (RITC) fights have a tendency to end quickly and decisively,” said Roland Sarria, founder and promoter of RITC in Arizona. “A KO can happen in a split second. It’s about ground and pound; submission holds like choke outs, triangles and knee bars.”

There is no hair pulling, eye gouging, elbows, kicking in the face or punching with closed fists when an opponent is on the ground. The events are sanctioned by the Arizona Boxing Commission.

There are three judges at ringside and a referee in the ring whose job is to insure a clean and active fight and protect the fighters from serious harm.

Encouraged by a turnout of 10,000 excited fans at the last RITC event held at the Glendale Arena, and a sold-out show at the Desert Diamond Casino, the promoters remain very excited about the future the sport in Arizona.

“It’s catching on like a wildfire,” Mr. Sarria said. “The more people get to know about the more they want to see it and the more they like it. It’s a great sport.”

The Casa Grande fight card will feature bouts between:

Eddie Castro ( 160 ) vs. Carlos Ortega ( 155 )Mike Ashford ( 210 ) vs. Rich Alten ( 210 )Francisco Soto ( 145 ) vs. Norm Pierce ( 155 ) in a kick boxing boutJoseph Howard ( 225 ) vs. Steve Castillo ( 235 )Sean Ballantine ( 195 ) vs. Brett Overson ( 185 )Seth Baczynski ( 195 ) vs. Arturo Segovia ( 205 )Leiticia Pestova ( 120 ) vs. Hayley Salazar ( 110 )Jad Halimeh ( 160 ) vs. Jason Dehart ( 155 )Henry Schweiger ( 175 ) vs. Alex Femino ( 175 )Joe Stojak ( 150 ) vs. Rosco McClellan ( 150 )Austin Pascucci ( 155 ) or Sonny Hornbeck ( 150 ) vs. Nick Hedrick ( 150 )

The fight card is subject to change.

The Pinal County – Parks, Recreation & Fairgrounds is located at 11 Mile Corner Road, Casa Grande, Arizona

Doors open at 6 p.m. Fights start 7:30 p.m.

Tickets prices are $20 (General Admission Bleachers) and $30 (Floor Level Seating).

Directions for those traveling from Phoenix or Tucson:

Take I-10 to Exit 194;Head east on 287 away from Casa Grande for seven miles;Turn right on 11 Mile Corner Rd and you’re there.

Visit www.rageinthecage.com for more information.

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