Ramon Castro Promoted to Gracie Humaita Brown Belt

As martial artists, it is always a great feeling to be recognized for the time we have put to this sport.For Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner, Ramon Castro his hard work and dedication finally paid off. On the night of July 20th, Ramon Castro was promoted by Royler Gracie Black belt Mario Aiello to the rank of Brazilian jiu-jitsu Brown Belt moving him one step closer to achieving his Black belt.


 “It feels great being a brown belt it has been a longer journey I started training Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the beginning of 2003 at the Rickson Gracie academy in Santa Monica, and here I am little more than eight years later getting my brown belt from Mario Aiello who by chance used to be one of the main instructors at Ricksons”


With nearly a decade of time in the game through all of the highs and lows in his career Ramon Castro is the definition of what a true martial artist is all about. Always open minded to learn, willing to challenge himself, and make himself selfless toward helping his fellow teammates on and off the mat, it is no surprise why Ramon was promoted to this very prestige rank by his instructor.

“ There has been many  highs and lows in my BJJ life as with anyone else, there were times when i questioned why I did BJJ my ears are ugly my fingers hurt my body aches it takes up almost all of my free time. I would take a week off and miss it so much the training the techniques and the friendships.”
 Throughout his journey he has had the opportunity of training with some of the best instructors around such as Henry Aikins, Kron Gracie, Shane Rice, Ricardo “Franjinah” Miller, and current instructor Mario Aiello all whom have made strong contributions toward helping Ramon grow into the man he is today.
“I learned so much from my instructors Henry showed me so much as far as the thought process and approach for BJJ. I still see Henry influence in everything I do. Franjinha taught me how to open my game up and not to be afraid to try new things. Finally Mario brought me back to my basics a in depth look at the basics of bjj focusing on the little details that make each move work and why, Mario also believes in the original view of bjj of being street effective and we go over all the self defense.”
 As a competitor he has achieved major success in the grappling circuit. Some of his accomplishments include North American Champion, Copa Pacifcia Champion, Pan Am Bronze medalist, including many other accolades along the way.
 Although his journey far from over, Ramon already has his eyes set for the future. His future goals are to open up his own school under the Mario Aiello/Gracie Humaita banner, get back into competing again, and continue his growth in jiu-jitsu.

                              Congrats to Ramon Castro and Best Wishes in the Future!

If anyone is interest in sponsoring Ramon he can be reached at ramonmcastro67@gmail.com

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