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      Today, while waiting for my coach to arrive at the gym, I met Ross Macbaisey, President of Rapid Rehydration. My team mate & I had the opportunity to chat with him for a bit & hear about a new product called cut weight. Cut weight is a powder that you add to 16oz of water after having cut weight for a weight-in. After listening to what he had to say, he gave me and the others a couple sample packets. The others decided to hold off and try it later, I decided you use right away since I rode my bike 5 miles to Jiu Jitsu on a warm day & was feeling a little dehydrated before training. 

      After I bought water I mixed the powder into my water and began to sip on the water slowly, in the first 30 minutes, I did not feel much. So I began to think to myself, this is just another company trying to sell products saying it will do all this stuff & doesn’t. After about 1 hour of light training, it was time to finish the class off with 3 sparring training at 8 minute rounds. This is when I started to feel the effects of the product, I felt that I was totally rehydrated and my muscles were working at full speed & strength. After the first sparring, I still had two more before class was over, never during the next 2 match did I feel fatigued, dehydrated, or unable to continue. Again, this was the first day I have ever used this product but I will use it now & until I stop competing. I will be packing Cut Right in my bag next week as I leave to compete at the Pan American Championships.

Below is a little bit of information about Cut Right: 

      In a nutshell, sports drinks have too much stuff (sugar, electrolytes, sometimes protein) which slows down the absorption of water into your cells. This is fine when you’re fully hydrated and you don’t need water too quickly. Rapid Rehydration™ has less sugar (almost none) but a balanced mix of electrolytes to facilitate quick absorption into the gut and muscles and prevent cramping. Further, the electrolyte mix present in our product facilitates continued absorption while fighting by providing the right blend of processed electrolytes to the kidneys. (This is why dehydrated patients in the ER are given saline and not just water). Finally, our product tastes awesome. Studies have shown that post-workout athletes will drink more if the beverage is well flavored.

      Cut Right® has taken a scientific look at the biological and chemical effects that weight cutting and dehydration have on the human body. Using this information, we developed our unique concentrated electrolyte drink specifically designed to rehydrate athletes after cutting weight. Rapid Rehydration® is the only product on the market today that is specifically designed to aid athletes in recovery after periods of intense dehydration. This unique blend of ingredients is rapidly absorbed into your system, forcing needed fluid back into your dehydrated cells.

      The majority of commercial sports drinks (Gatorade®, Powerade®, Cytomax®, etc.) are designed to maintain proper hydration and energy levels during a workout. Assuming that you began your workout properly hydrated, such beverages give you everything you need to continue. They are not, however, optimized to quickly recuperate an athlete who is extremely dehydrated. This is why we developed Rapid Rehydration®.

*For more information or to order Cut Right, visit www.rapidrehydration.com

*If you still do not believe it works visit Rapid Hydrations Science page www.rapidrehydration.com/rehydration.html

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