The Master Oswaldo Alves BJJ Academy

TBT: Rare Look Inside The Master Oswaldo Alves BJJ Academy

Located in the heart of Copacabana Master Oswaldo Alves’ BJJ Academy was known for its fierce training and producing unstoppable champions.

Jacare, Andre Galvao, Fredson Paixao, Junior Calazans, Amaury Bitteti, Paulo Filho, Gabriel Kitober, Bibiano Fernandes, and many more champions.

Video cameras were rarely allowed in the small gym.  By square foot no other school has seen so many champions On The Mat.  Oswaldo Alves is known as the living encyclopedia of jiu jitsu. So many many fighters would come to his school to brush up on techniques, this was at a time when training at other school was very prohibited.  There for documentation of who was there was frowned upon.

Is this video you can see one gringo, Pete the Greek.  Know for living on the mats there and training 3 times a day with the best in the world.  It was there Pete started developing his style of breaking techniques down to movement drills.

To see more of Pete’s amazing BJJ drills check is Facebook and you tube.


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