RESULTS – US Armed Forces Pankration Championships

Pankration Competition allows body strikes, take downs and submissions.The U.S. Armed Forces Pankration Invitational was held at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton on March 19th.

Pankration Competition allows body strikes, take downs and submissions. The event was run like a high school wrestling tournament with electorinc bracketing and took just over 4 1/2 hours to complete. Our Next event will be the 2006 California Pankration Championships, May 7th at Santa Ana College.

The Armed Forces competition drew 83 competitors representing:

Marine Corps Base Camp PendletonMarine Corps Recruit Depot San DiegoMarine Corps Air Station MiramarMarine Corps Base 29 PalmsAir Force Base VandenbergAir Force Base Los AngelesAir Force Base NellisNaval Station China LakeNaval Station CoronadoNaval Air Station North Island

OPEN/ ADVANCED DIVISION TEAM CHAMPIONS1. Team Gracie Barra San Diego (GBSD)2. Team School of Infantry (SOI)3. 2nd Bn. 4th Marines (4th Marines)



Fly Weights 144.9 lbs & Under1. Chad Fortna 4th Marines (USMC)2. John Mark (1st Combat Engineer Bn.) Team GBSD (USMC)3. Salamoe Muammar 4th Marines (USMC)

Bantamweight 145 – 155.9

1. Kyle Hoelsher (1st Combat Engineer Bn.) Team GBSD (USMC)2. Chad Geddes (MARS 41) Team GBSD (USMC)3. Joshua Vera Med Bn. (USMCR)

Welterweight 156 – 167.91. Anthony Soto 4th Marines (USMC)2. Devin Alario (SOI) Team GBSD (USMC)3. Mike Daley 1st Radio Bn. (USMC)

Middleweight 168 – 179.91. David Sosebee (MCB) Team SOI (USMC)2. Jonathan Groth (4th Marines) Team SOI (USMC)3. Timothy Thompson (7th Engineer Spt. Bn.) (USMC)

Lt. Heavyweight 180 – 192.91. Jonathan Romero (Wpns. Field Training Bn.) Team GBSD (USMC)2. Nathon Murphy (5th Marines) Team SOI (USMC)3. Billy Troy (SOI) Team SOI (USMC)

Heavyweight 193 – 207.91. Corey Bennin (11th Marines) Team GBSD (USMC)2. John George RS Orange (USMC)3. Jorge Maleno MCRD (USMC)

Super Heavyweight 208 lbs & over1. Jose Trejo (SOI) Team SOI (USMC)2. Justin Rogers (11th Marines) Team GBSD (USMC)3. Cartis Stephens Security Bn. (USMC)


Fly Weights 144.9 lbs & Under1. Carlos Morales H&S Bn. (USMC)2. Alfredo Arteaga H&S Bn. (USMC)3. Eric Teson Amphibious Asst Bn. (USMC)

Bantamweight 145 – 155.91. Ben Puzzo 4th Marines (USMC)2. Aaron Taylor MAG 39 (USMC)3. Tyler Smith BSSG-1 (USMC)

Welterweight 156 – 167.91. Jonathan Martinez HMT 303 (USMC)2. Matthew Aron 61st ABG (USAF)3. Christopher Domingo 57AMXS (USAF)

Middleweight 168 – 179.91. Daniel Barrera 30CES (USAFR)2. Sebastion Saldivar (87th Infantry)Team GBSD (NAT’L GUARD)3. Hugh Sargent (Security Bn.) Team GBSD (USMC)

LT. Heavyweight 180 – 192.91. Joshua Plummer (4th Marines) Team SOI (USMC)2. Chaz McCaslin SOI (USMC)3. Ronald Sampson (SOI) Team SOI (USMC)

Heavyweight 193 – 207.91. Joseph Bellavia 1st Tank Bn. (USMC)2. Cristobal Martinez 7th Engineer Spt. Bn. (USMC)3. Ramuldo Kaohilii 30CES (USAF)

Super Heavyweight 208 lbs & over1. Dustin Brown 9th Comm. (USMC)2. Joshua Burgess G-2 1st Mar Div (USMC)3. Nick Molina 169 Vipers (USMC)

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