RING OF FIRE on TV Tonight!

ROF/MMA fans should tune in tonight to the latest edition of TAPOUT on the VS Channel (www.VERSUS.com) 10:00 pm eastern, 8:00 pm Mountain.

“The Search Continues…”

Last April, The Tapout crew were on their way to Iowa and stopped in Denver to see their sponsored fighter Duane BANG! Ludwig. Ludwig was in the midst of a training camp for all the main card fighters of ROF 29.

Mask, Punkass, and Skyscrape were immediately impressed with top ROF Light weight prospect Donald COWBOY Cerrone.

The Tapout gang took Cerrone under their wing, and the camera crew filmed them doing all sorts of extra curicular activities (go carts, motocross, etc).

Tonight’s edition is the first of five all new episodes. It looks to be one of the best so far. The series debuted in June, and included three episodes which saw a 140 percent increase in household impressions for the time period average.

Schedule and descriptions for new episodes to follow. All times are 10 p.m. ET/PT, 8:00 pm MTN, subject to change:

* August 1: The Search Continues TapouT scouts several talented fighters on a cross-country trip looking for new talent. They stop in at Matt Hughes’ farm before heading out to the Ring of Fire, a mixed martial arts event in Colorado. * August 8: Charuto – TapouT travels to Hawaii to sponsor Charuto who is BJ Penn’s jiu-jitsu instructor. He hopes that with TapouT’s help, he’ll make his mark at the Icon MMA event in Honolulu. * August 15: Sergio – TapouT meets Sergio, a promising fighter out of David Strasser’s gym in Wisconsin. Sergio is struggling to leave his day job behind and become a full time fighter and he gets his shot at his first MMA event in Las Vegas. * August 22: Sunshine – TapouT hits the road with their newest discovery Sunshine. The crew does their best to get their wide-eyed, innocent fighter into trouble before arriving in New Jersey for an MMA event at a baseball field. * August 29: Rob Roy – The secretive Rob Roy is TapouT’s latest fighter. His next fight is at a biker rally on the Mississippi River and everyone gets into plenty of trouble before Rob Roy finally steps into the ring.

About TapouT the series…”TapouT” follows Mask, Punkass, and SkysKrape, the men behind one of the premier clothing and gear companies in the Mixed Martial Arts world. They are constantly on the lookout for up and coming fighters to sponsor and wear their clothes. During each episode we follow the TapouT crew as they travel across the country in a tricked out tour bus in search of the next MMA superstar. Once they find a fighter that has the kind of heart and determination they’re looking for, they sign him up and take him to his next fight. Along the way, they bond with that fighter and make sure he receives the best training at some of the top MMA training centers in the country. Each episode ends at a MMA event, with the new TapouT fighter showing his competitive skills inside the cage and the TapouT crew cheering him on.

About RING OF FIRERING OF FIRE is one the top MMA promotions in the United States. ROF has promoted sold out events in multiple states for the past 6 years. ROF was the very first officially sanctioned MMA event in the state of Colorado. The promotion has a reputation of being a launch pad for athletes in the sport. ROF athletes have gone on to compete in the top fight organizations around the world. In 2006 ROF went international by launching ROF EUROPE based in Belgrade, Serbia. In Early 2007, ROF expanded further by entering in to the Japan based World Wide Cage Network. ROF Events and athletes have been featured by major media outlets including The Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post, Fox Sports, local NBC affiliate and CET.

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