Rio State Championships 2003

The state championships ( Campeonato Estadual de JiuJitsu) are always one of my favorite events it comes up about a month before the Worlds. This tournament is often used by top guys making come backs and new up and comers sharpening their swords. This year was no exception. We saw some hot action at this event. Nothing like watching the hot shots plow through a division submitting guys. We saw the return of Rafael "Gordinho" Correa, Gordo`s little brother. This was one event he had not won ever so he jumped in to fight. Also current CBJJ Mundial Champion Daniel Moraes was there to sharpen his sword. Morango who just never stops fighting, was there fighting again. This guy is great he fights every event, everywhere and ignores all the politics. He is just out to prove how good he is. Café the UFC veteran stepped up to show he has not lost his touch with the gi either.

Interview with Saulo Ribeiro by Batatinha


Rio State Championships 2003

Marcos "Gigante" x Gustavo Gussen

Alexandre "Cafe" x Carlos Pedro

Onorio x Oziris Maia

Gordinho x Rodrigo Antunes

Gabriel Wilcox x Alexandre Pimentel

Oziris Maia x Jorge Henrique

Gorginho x Vinicius Amaral

Aldo "Caveirinha" x Daniel "Morango"

Alexandre "Cafe" x Daniel Moraes

Alex Crispim x Jorge Brito

Alexandre "Cafe" x Antonio Sergio

Alexander "Cafe" v Raphael Aberrian – Finals

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