RIP Carlson Gracie

One of the legends of our sport has passed on.Our family in our outmost pain would like to thank the overwhelming show of love and support from the four corners of the world for this incredible loss to all of us.

Carlson was a great warrior and true legend not just in the martial art world but also in our family.

Everyone who had the privilege to meet him will agree that his uniqueness is something that is unforgetable.

As he himself would say: ‘I am imortal’ Indeed he is.

Carlson will live on through his family, team and everyone that puts on a gi or ever steps in the ring.

We especially want to thank our students and friends here in Chicago for their incredible love and care for our beloved Carlson and all of us here at this most difficult time.’

In remembrance of him would like to invite all academies to pay tribute to him by remaining closed on February 13, 2006Share with us in celebrating his life and his contributions to Jiu-jitsu, Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts.Thank you again for all your love , support and kind words.

The Gracies

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