RIP Dimbag

“Dimebag” Darrell Abbott1966-2004“Dimebag” Darrell Abbott formed the Heavy Metal Band Pantera and earlier this year Damageplan and will be remembered as a guitar god and a larger than life human being.

The news and circumstances of his senseless death hit me a pretty hard and basically capped off a particularly shitty day. The music of Dimebag had gotten me through a lot of rough times in my life and I would often use it pump myself before practice or competition. I’ve seen Pantera in concert seven (7) times (more than any other act), and I’ve always considered them to be the best concerts I had ever attended. Their showmanship was second to none, but I also have fond memories of their antics off stage, which often stole the show. I never had a chance to meet Dimebag or the band personally, but pretty much everything I’ve read or heard about the man confirms we have lost a genuinely loved human being.

In my frustration and grief over the loss of Dimebag, I basically have let that fuel my creative aspects and spent the day editing this clip. I know a lot of other people who are into the sport also listened to Dimebag’s music and used his riffs to pump themselves up, and have the same degree of sadness that I do. This clip I used, “Caged in a Rage”, was off of the SuperCop soundtrack and as far as I know is the only Dimebag track featuring him on lead vocals. Naturally with the title like that I always thought it would be perfectly suited to a MMA Cage event soundtrack. I set the music to highlights from the Rumble on the Rock 4 DVD, an event I believe to be the premiere cagefighting event in the world.

Enjoy, and thank you Dimebag for the music.


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