Roberto Corvo: the amulet of champions

Consecrated on Saturday at “Strikeforce: Houston”, Rafael Feijão and Ronaldo Jacaré impressed by his performances in the Cage to exhibit an excellent shape for his fights.


But all the work is not done only in time of combat, by contrast, is largely in the preparation before the race.


"We all have a job, planning for months, there is a great team with us", explains Josuel Distak, coach of the fighters that, alongside Rogério Camões, led the team in winning in Houston (USA).


Another key player for Feijão, Jacaré and Andre Galvão, who also won in the event, was Roberto Corvo. Training partner of the wrestlers, Corvo did all the drills with the beasts, assisting in the preparation and in loss of weight.


Hours before the start of Strikeforce, Distak shot: "Corvo will be the guy who will fight more tonight, because he will worm up André, Jacaré and Feijão. “It’s good that I’ll be the last, so Corvo is already more tired", joked Feijão.


After the titles, the champions were keen to acknowledge the efforts of the partner.


"Corvo was the guy who worked more with us, helped us in everything, we will do our best to reciprocate, because we are certain that he will be champion very soon", said Jacaré.


After winning King Mo, Feijão felt pain in the shoulder and asked the friend to take the newly acquired belt.

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