ROGER Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Zürich Report

Last weekend on November 26-27. 2005 world-famous Grace Jiu-Jitsu fighter, 3timesWorld Champion and ADCC Champion visited Zurich, Switzerland to teach a two dayseminar. The seminar was hosted by BJJ black belt instructor Franco Vacirca.

Roger taught in front of almost 60 participants mainly from the Vacirca Jiu-JitsuAcademy and the Vacirca Team Europe, coming for this special occasion from Prague,Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and other countries.Roger focused on Basic and his own fighting proven techniques. He taught thetechniques which made him so good, that today he can be considered the no. 1 Graciearound the world in competition. He also demonstrated that he has nothing to prove,and gentle sparred with almost everyone at the seminar.

He is defiantly a big man with a great hearth, who likes a lot the Swisshospitality. As he mentioned on the end of the seminar? this was the first time inSwitzerland, but sure not the last one! Roger is coming back soon, and we willinform you!

For more information on Roger?s Academy go to: www.rogergracie.comVisit our site soon, since we will release a special photo gallery from the seminarand the intensive winter boot-camp of this year. Check our website

We would like to thank all participants and friends that have contributed in any wayto this event. Without your support ? this could be not possible. THANK YOU


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