Roger Gracie Team run rampant at the Gracie Invitational

Roger Gracie Academy run rampant at Gracie Invitational in the UK

With numbers exceeding 600 participants the Gracie Invitational this weekend saw the biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament ever in Europe take place, outstripping the current holder, which was the CBJJ Europeans, held in Portugal in January. The Gracie Invitational tournament was formed 3 years ago, but is under new management (European Fight Network –, ran with 8 mats and finished 6 pm in the evening. “Possibly the fastest, most organised BJJ tournament to date” noted on spectator. The black belt super fights where with jaw dropping action with Felipe Souza (Roger Gracie Academy) taking and back of a fair gamed, David Perrie Louis from De La Riva Paris and winning by choke.

In the second super fight, Pedro Bessa from TT Jiu Jitsu, was pit against former world champion Carlos ‘Escorrega’ Lemos Jr.from Gracie Barra. Bessa won via points in a very exciting match which to say the least was inspiring.

The tournament was halted halfway through as a special award was given to Mauricao Gomes (Roger’s Father) in recognition of his effort in bring and growing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the UK.

The event is planning to have a national tournament some time in August at the famous Crystal Palace Centre – London, which is more known for its Judo. This event is planned to be far bigger with enough seating for 1500 people.

Sponsor of the gracie Invitational was Manto Clothing and Urb Gear Fight Wear.

Teams 1 Roger Gracie Academy 822 Gracie Barra Birmingham 383 Marc Walder BJJ 364 Master Team 275 TT Jiu Jitsu 206 World Combat Arts 187 Gracie Barra NI 138 Wolfslair 129 Martial Arts Concepts 1010 Carlson Gracie London 911 Gracie Lisboa 912 Gracie Barra Walsall 913 De Souza BJJ 914 Sumerset Jiu Jitsu Alliance 915 Gracie Barra Lisboa 616 Gracie Barra Leeds 517 Gracie Barra Scotland 518 Team Fulinkazan 419 De La Riva Paris 320 Gracie Barra 321 Gracie Barra Hastings 322 SBG 323 MW Academy 324 Nova Force 325 Nottingham BJJ Club 326 Hereford TCA 327 Bushido MMA Nottingham 228 Ze Marcello Academy 229 Marcus Silva Jiu Jitsu 130 Royce Gracie 131 Gracie Barra Greece 132 North East BJJ 133 BJJ Revolution 1

Based on the Olympic system of 9 points for a win, 3 for silver and 1 for bronze.

Black Belt Middle Weight Super Fight1 Felipe Souza Roger Gracie Academy2 David Peirre-Louis De La Riva Paris

Black Belt Light Weight Super Fight1 Pedro Bessa TT Jiu Jitsu2 Carlos Lemo Gracie Barra

Feather Weight Purple 1 Helio Perdigao Gracie Lisboa2 Paul Bridges Gracie Barra Hastings3 Cesar Lima Roger Gracie Academy

Light Weight Purple 1 Chiu Kwong Man Gracie Barra Birmingham2 Thiago Dantes Master Team3 Fergal Quinian BJJ Revolution

Middle Weight Purple 1 Arthur Concon Roger Gracie Academy2 Bruno Roger Gracie Academy3 Stacey Wilson Roger Gracie Academy

Middle Heavy Weight Purple 1 Kevin Webb Gracie Barra Birmingham2 Pedro Rodriguiz Gracie Barra Lisboa3 Marcus Silva Marcus Silva Jiu Jitsu

Heavy Weight Purple 1 Dickie Martin Carlson Gracie London2 Andrew Gallotti Wolfslair3 Helio Pereira Roger Gracie Academy

Absolute Weight Purple 1 Nicolas Gregoriades Roger Gracie Academy2 Pedro Rodriguiz Gracie Barra Lisboa3 Helio Pereira Roger Gracie Academy

Rooster Weight Blue 1 Ian Malone Marc Walder BJJ2 Even Greenan Royce Gracie3 Keishi Maeda Team Fulinkazan

Super Feather Blue 1 Simon McGovern Gracie Barra Preston2 Andy Ward 3 Manjit Bhambra Ze Marcello

Feather Weight Blue 1 Tam Barby 2 Luke Cole Gracie Barra Birmingham3 James Smart Gracie Barra Bristol

Light Weight Blue 1 Michel Russel Marc Walder BJJ2 Johnathan Martins Gracie Barra Scotland3 Paulo Victor TT Jiu Jitsu

Middle Weight Blue 1 Luciano Cristovam Roger Gracie Academy2 Dean Murphy SBG3 Stuart Gwilt Gracie Barra Birmingham

Middle Heavy Blue 1 Terence Thomas Roger Gracie Academy2 Tony Devine Gracie Barra Leeds3 Tsitos Dimitios Gracie Barra Greece

Heavy Blue 1 Matt Field Gracie Barra Walsall2 Russell Callagan MW Academy3 Cuba Carlson Gracie Team

Super Heavy Blue 1 Corry Smith Gracie Barra Birmingham2 Vic Scott 3 Stuart McKay Gracie Barra Scotland

Super Super Heavy Blue 1 Phil Defries Master team2 Antonio Henriques Jnr Roger Gracie Academy3 Tom Sutton Royce Gracie

Rooster Weight White 1 Anothony J Murphy Wolfslair2 James Saville Team Fulinkazan

Super Feather Weight White1 Marcelo Vasquez Rio Bushido MMA2 Ben Hajir Marc Walder BJJ3 Selman Amri Ze Marcello Academy

Feather Weight White 1 William Coultas Marc Walder BJJ2 Wesley Trevelyan Gracie Barra Birmingham3 Simon Danies TT Jiu Jitsu

Light Weight White 1 Spencer Drummer TT Jiu Jitsu2 Bunty Sandhu 3 Thiago Roger Gracie Academy

Middle Weight White 1 Leo Johnson Roger Gracie Academy2 Jim Stockman Marc Walder BJJ3 Wojciech Podolski Bushido MMA Nottingham

Middle Heavy White 1 JAMIL SOROUJI APPLIED FIGHTING SYSTEMS2 Nilton Roberto Gracie Barra Birmingham3 David George Bushido MMA Nottingham

Heavy Weight White 1 Steve Morisson Medkwai2 Sean North 3 Maciej Roznowski Gracie Barra Leeds

Super Heavy Weight White 1 David Allinson De Souza BJJ2 Danial Aston 3 Lee Howes North East BJJ

Super Super Heavy Weight White1 Matthew Male Sumerset Jiu Jitsu Alliance2 Theo Theodoulou Nova Force3 Dean Clarke martial Arts Concepts

Female Light weight white belt1 Hannah Louis Clarke World Combat Arts2 Lisa Newton Marc Walder BJJ3 Liz Hudson Gracie Barra Leeds

Female Middle weight white belt1 Natlie Collard Master Team2 Dominique Wheelhouse Nottingham BJJ Club3 Fergal Quinian Gracie Barra Birmingham

Female Heavy weight white belt1 Sharon Hobbs Martial Arts Concepts2 Anne Pichon Gracie Barra NI3 Lesia Bauld Gracie Barra Scotland

Female Light Weight blue belt1 Jennifer Webb BTT2 Julie Morgan 3 Pippa Granger Roger Gracie Academy

Female Middle Weight blue belt1 Caoimhe McGill Gracie Barra NI2 Arnela Hadzisulejmanovic Roger Gracie Academy3 Claire Haigh Roger Gracie Academy

Female Absolute blue belt 1 Claire Haigh Roger Gracie Academy2 Arnela Hadzisulejmanovic Roger Gracie Academy3 Caoimhe McGill Gracie Barra NI

Junior Super fight 1 Dean Sear World Combat Arts2 Daniel Hayes Hereford TCA

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