Ronaldo Jacare, the Amazon hero shines again!

Quick Report: Ronaldo Jacare, the Amazon hero shines again!

(Photos by Greici Fernandes)

AMAZONAS, Brazil (October 13th) — When we reported last time that Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza had no more local opponents, a lot of people noticed that sentence except Souza’s opponent at the recent Hero’s the Jungle MMA event in Northern Brazilian. The show drew 5,000 fans at Amadeu Teixeira Arena and may be the last show featuring BJJ wizard Jacare in Brazilian land. In this fight, Jacare imposed his superior skills in 90 seconds against Wendell Santos in a 185-pound fight. Instead of using submission attempts, the Brazilian black-belt pushed a quick pace by striking and mauling the Roraima fighter with an impressive flurry of punches and kicks that resulted in his opponent tapping out. The victory was Souza’s eighth on the road. Once again, it was not clear if he signed a contract with Zuffa or not. We expect to hear the news within the next 15 days about Jacare’s MMA future. For while, his name is confirmed such as one of 16 fighters who will compete in Super Challenge Grappling. Former Big Brother Brazil contestant Marcelo Dourado was in the other superfight of the event. Once again, Dourado lost a split-decision to Fabio Saci (ELvys Damasceno) and added another defeat to his terrible resume. Like Jacare, many of the other Amazon fighters are used to fighting two or three times a month on different shows. Every time you hear named like Adriano Martins and Fabio Jacarezinho, don’t think it is just a coincidence.They are indeed fighting that often! While Martins kept winning by dispatching of Michel “Manteiga” Bastos by TKO in 4:24 of the first round in his fight, Jacarezinho lost a bitter split decision to Andre Batata of Nova Uniao.

The ladies were also featured at this event, with Jungle FC fighter Davina Maciel defeating Juliana Soares in a under-110 pound fight. Maciel got a standing guillotine choke on Soares in 13 seconds of R2 for the win.

Full results: Dan Harison (Carioca Team) def. Dalton Carvalho (Fabio Cunha) by rear-naked-choke at 3min – R2;

Jean Capoeira (Luis Neto) def. Erik (Aníbal) by unanimous decision

Andre Batata (Nova União) def. Fabiano Jacarezinho (Ass. Trindade) by split decision

Davina Maciel (Carioca) def. Juliana Goncalves (Elvis Damasceno/Totonho) by guillotine choke at 19s – R2

Cristiano Ribeiro (Luis Neto) def. Wellington Pereira (Chiquinho) by KO at 2min – R2

Francimar Bodao (Nova Uniao) def. Sandro Pitbull (RR) by submission – R2

Fabio Trindade (Monteiro/Cagim) def. Josenberg Freitas (Carioca) by KO at 3min30seg – R2

Andrews Tigrao (Tigrao) def. Marcone (Fabio Aníbal) by rear naked choke at 2min20seg – R1

Estevão (Luta livre) defeats Getulio Cavalcante (Brasília) com uma chave de pé aos 2min41seg do 1R;

Adriano Martins (Carioca Team) defeats Michael Manteiga Bastos (Buldog Team) by medical stoppage 4min24seg do 1R;

Fabio Sacy (Orley Lobato) defeats Marcelo Dourado by decision 2 a 1 dos jurados;

Ronaldo Jacaré (Asle) finishes Wendell Santos (RR) by strikes 1min40seg do 1R;

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