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Rumble in the Redwoods took place on February 9 2008 in Santa Cruz CA Photo Gallery courtesy of Alton Sun We’ve uploaded 17 videos to the OntheMat Video section from this event! Visit to see them all! You know, if there is an event in my home territory of Northern California, I’ve just got to be there…. Once again Chris Smith and company’s tournament turnout exceeded all expectations and top local talent came out in support of the event. The black belt super fight was a rematch between Solomon Mitchell and Felipe Lattari. The last time they had a competitive back and forth match, however this time Felipe pulled guard and instantly went for a devastating foot lock forcing Solomon to tap seconds into the match. There was good brown belt action as well, as four entered the middleweight division and vied for top honors. In the first match Clement Shields (brother of Jake Shields), showed that grappling certainly runs in the family as he secured a rear naked choke on Doug Fong for the victory. Next Cristiano Xavier and Stephan Goyne had a technical battle which Stephan won on advantages. This set up a finale between Clement and Stephan. Stephan looked slick in the beginning, looking to utilize an upsidedown guard but Clement got right past it, mounted and finished with a head and arm choke. A large number of white and blue belts participated in the tournament as well as a large children’s division. Check for full results We’ve posted 17 videos total from the event! Visit to view all 17 videos we’ve uploaded!

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