San Diego BJJ Open Pics & Black Belt Division Results

Black Belt Lightweight Division: • Bibiano Fernandez def Joao Cunha – score of 5-2• Andre Galvao def Cassio Werneck via collar choke from the back

Black Belt Heavyweight Division: • Xande Ribeiro def Jamelao via collar choke• Demian Maia def Rafael Lovato Jr. via advantages (score was 0-0; 2 advantages for Demian, 0 advantages for Rafael)• Xande Ribeiro def Demian Maia – score of 13-0

Black Belt Absolute Division: • Rafael Lovato Jr. def Jamelao via advantages (score of 0-0, 4 advantages for Rafael; 2 advantages for Jamelao) • Demian Maia def Walter Nakagawa via toe hold• Andre Galvao def Rafael Lovato Jr. via wristlock from omoplata • Xande Ribeiro def Demian Maia via arm lock from the guard • Xande Ribeiro def Andre Galvao via choke from mount

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