Sergio Junior wins Crocotá at Jungle Fight

 Jungle Fight opened the 2011 season with great fights. In the headliner, Sergio Junior and Edilberto Crocotá climbed into the ring for a awaited strip- insists, since the first fight between them, the result ended up being a draw. The rematch was as everyone expected, well balanced. Crocotá began surprising to take his opponent down. After the fight back to standing, was striking in that it was played during most of the time. Attacking more and fitting the most of blows, also benefited by a yellow card which led Crocotá, the irreverent Sergio Junior took the win in the jury decision, making the party of his team RFT.


Andrezinho Nogueira started well against the revelation of Constrictor Team, Renato Moicano. Andrezinho applied a knockdown in his opponent in the first round, and almost set. The battle raged, and while Moicano showed a more varied arsenal of punches, Andrezinho took hazard with his heavier hand. Moicano grew throughout the match and took the victory in the jury decision.


Called at the last minute to replace Rodrigo Damm, João Paulo gave no cakewalk for the fearsome Francisco Massaranduba. With very hard hits, Massaranduba dominated the whole fight, embedding strong punches and knees, undermining his opponent. Although João Paulo resist and went from inside his opponent, Massaranduba held sway until the end, winning on the judges’ decision.


The surprise of the night was for the victory by Marcelo Guimaraes, who annulled the game of the hard Paulão Rodrigues. Applying good takedowns and avoiding frank striking, Guimaraes earned the victory in the judges’ decision. But the heavyweight champion of the WFE, Ednaldo Lula, made the faster fight faster of the night, needing only 1m10s to knocking out Antídio Neto.

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