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Live from the HP Pavallion, results as they happen! 1st Match- Missed it, trying to find out results. They are NOT going in order from the paper. 2nd match on right now, Anthony Juarez vs Nate Diaz Nate Diaz from punches from the mount round 1. Takedown, takes the back, Juarez covers up, mount again, referee Herb Dean calls the bout. Note, this is the first MMA event sanctioned by Califonia and it is HUGE. Somewhere between 15K and 17K present and lines are going around the arena. Delay for opening ceremony and National Anthem. Bout 3 Announced. Middleweight not on card? Ray Ralph (?) from Lion’s Den Idaho vs Blaze Wallace(?) Round 1 Fighters circle, Ray ties up and puts Blaze to the cage, Blaze responds with knees. Ray gets the takedown, to Blaze’s guard. Ray playing very close, Blaze with shot shorts. Now Ray tries to stand up and fires short chopping fists. Ray playing low now and the crowd is booing. Referee restarts them on their feet. Ray tries for takedown, Blaze guilotine, Ray escapes, Ray is bleeding heavily from th head! Ray tries another takedown, Blaze sprawls well, lets Ray back up. Both fighters looking for big blows. Ray looks tired, Blaze better shots, horn sounds. Round 2 Ray comes throwing heavly leather, inadverdant shot to the groin by Blaze. Pause. Blaze with a big knee for the KO! Waiting for the official time. Blaze landed a few punches after the knee, but Ray was clearly finished by the knee. time announced as 35 seconds of round 2. They are bringing out Sean Bassett now. The scheduled bout against Jose Palacios has been scrapped because Jose apparently injured his elbow five minutes before the match! Gilbert Melendez vs Harrison Sarmiento up next. The crowd gives Gilbert a huge response! Harrison fires kicks, Gilbert ties up, pushing to the fence. Gilbert scores the takedown. Sarimento to full guard, Gilberto landing some big shots from top. Sarmiento sitting against the fence, Gilbert landing more blows. Sarmiento hanging tough, still defending, but it’s all Gilbert to this point. Gilbert to half guard. Gilbert looks to take the back and Sariemnto gets to the feet. Tie up and then Gilbert gets a big slam and back to Sarmiento’s guard. Gilbert pounding away. Round ends. Round 2 Gilbert shoots in, Sarmiento connects, Gilbert looks stunned but completes the takedown! Gilbert in Sarmiento’s closed guard, finishes with strikes. Match over. Official time is 44 seconds in the second round. Daniel Puder vs Jessess Fujarcyk up next. Daniel Puder won the WWE Tough Enough contest as you may recall. Puder entering the ring wearing a shirt saying “I Hurt Kurt” a reference to the WWE. Round begins, Fujarcyk lands a big punch, doesn’t see to affect Puder much, who takessdown to Fujarcyk’s guard. Against the fence now, Fujarcyk is doing a good job of tying up Puder, crowd is restless. Referee Peoples calls for a restart. Puder lands some big shots, Fujarcyk dazed! Puder takes the back, rear naked choke, Fujarcyk taps out! Official time is called at 1 minute and 54 seconds of the first round. Puder takes the mike and cuts an intense pro wrestling type promo. Crowd is into him as he is the hometown hero. Matt Horwich vs Brian Ebersole up next. This may be the fight of the night as both fighters are well matched. Matt Horwich cut his hair, when did the happen? He’s cornered by John Hackleman of the Pit as well. Ebersole enters the cage talking on his cell phone. That’s a new one…. Howich initates the takedown, gets it, but Brian gets on top to Horwich’s guard. Little action so the match is brought to the feet. Horwich scores another takedown, Ebersole comes on top to Horwich’s guard! Horwich gets a triangle, looks close, Ebersole escapes. Match is restarted on the feet again. Horwich looks for the takedown, eats some shots from Ebersole, Horwich back to guard. Ebersole on top, trying to get some short punches in, Horwich looks like he’s setting up the sub. Round ends. Dave Camarillo, who is sitting next to me now believes Horwich won the round and Garth Taylor, who is on my side is also impressed. Round 2, Horwich looks to tie up, Ebersole winds up in Horwich’s guard again. Ebersole punching to the midsection. Ebersole stands up! Horwich shoots in again, back to Horwich’s guard. Crowd does not appreciate. After minimal action fight is restarted on the feet again! Horwich fires off a punching combo, Ebersole initiates takedown, Horwich jumps to guilotine, Ebersole escapes. Back to Horwich’s guard. Horwich playing the rubber guard now. Ebersole trying to land blows, but Horwich defends well and it’s restarted on the feet again! Ebersole pushes Horwich to the cage, Horwich jumps to guard. Crowd is now more excited about our first fight in the stands! Security breaks it up quickly. Round ends with Ebersole in Horwich’s guard. Crowd cheers Forrest Whitaker in the audience as Round 3 begins! Horwich pulls guard, Ebersole on top. Ebersole in half guard, but Horwich is able to pull to full guard. Match is restarted once again. Ebersole tries high kick, misses, Horwich gets takedown and is on top, looks for choke? winds up back on bottom, against the fence this time. Ebersole measuring his shots more carefully, Horwich keeps puling his own right leg down looking for something. Probably the longest uninterrupted period on the ground. Ebersole lands a big shot, stands up, kicks, then dives back into Horwich’s guard. Less than a minute to go and the fight is restarted once again from the feet. Tape is removed from Horwich’s wrist. Horwich looks for the takedown, Ebersole shucks him hard. Ebersole with a big slam in the center of the mat! Round ends, both fighters are raising their hands. Brian Ebersole gets the unanimous decision. One called it 29-28 and two called it 30-27. Official announcement, largest crowd for an MMA show in North America, although I didn’t hear the exact number as the crowd drowning it out. Next match announced is Mike Kyle vs Kryzysztof SosZynski. (No way I’m retyping THAT name for the PBB!) Round starts fighters circle, testing each other out. Kyle attempts a knee, KS drives for a takedown. Tie up, Kyle lands a low blow, quick pause for KS to check himself. Fighters circling again. Kyle landing some nice inside leg kicks. KS responds with a punch, KS takes a thumb to the eye and another pause. Longer wait this time, doctor is checking KS. Doctor waves match off! Waiting for official call! Crowd is upset to say the least. Bout has been stopped at 2’02 and called a technical draw because of the foul. Eugene Jackson vs Jorge Ortiz up next. Jorge enters waving the Mexican flag, Eugene is from East Palo Alto. Could have a divided crowd. Just a reminder, this PBP brought to you courtesy of the OTM online store! For all you BJJ, MMA, training and video needs, it’s OntheMat 🙂 Fighters touch gloves to begin. Ortiz with a low kick, Eugene punches and rushes in. A little tie up, Ortiz lands a quick right that Eugene acknowledges. Jackson rushes in and gets the takedwon, lands a big shot, and gets to half guard. Eugene pushes to the fence, lands more blows, Ortiz still defending. Ortiz trying to punch from the bottom, Jackson very high up. Ortiz gets full guard. Jackson on top smothering now, looking for a big shot, gets a couple, comes back down. Ortiz has done a nice job of manuevering off the fence. Eugene still looking for the big shot. Referee is letting it stay on the ground however, crowd a little anxious. Now a restart. Fighters circling again. Ortiz comes in and out of range, Eugene looks like he’s looking to unload. Almost, but Ortiz gets out of rangee. Round ends. Hot ring girl, with some big fakies circling the cage now. Chuck Norris is in attendence! Sweet! Round two begins in exact continuation from round one. Jackson moving forward more now, seems to have a bit more energy than the round ended. Gets Ortiz on the fence fires off some big blows, none seems to do damage. Ortiz now coming forward as Eugene tests the reach of his jab. Trade jabs, clinch, and Ortiz fires a knee, Jackson shrugs it off but is now backing up. Crowd whistling, wanting to see more engangement. Ortiz looks to find his range, Jackson hoping that a jab will find it’s mark. No punch looks like’s it’s done damage or even been followed up as the crowd full on erupts into boos. 10 seconds, Jackson looks momentarily more aggressive, but the round ends. Round 3, Jackson way more aggressive, Ortiz looks in trouble, survives, Jackson looks puzzled at something. Ortiz responds with some blows, nothing major and fighters are circling again. A bit more action as each fighter is definitely looking for the others chin, probably winding up for the KO punch and the crowd is booing again after the quick start. More circling by both fighters. Jackson is stalking now, Ortiz is backing up. Jackson will fire off a few jabs then quickly disengage. Jackson laqnds a few shots that seem to rile the crowd up, but Ortiz just smiles. Ortiz is going to have to do more to get the win though, i have Jackson ahead by a narrow margin. A brief exhange to end the fight to a chorus of boos, we’ll see what the judges say, if you made me pick a winner I’d say Eugene, largely on the first round. The judges all go 29-27 for Eugene Jackson. If you’re digging the PBP let me know in the forum! Josh Thompson vs Clay Guida up next….this is for the 155 pound title. Round starts, Thompson looks to kick, Clay goes for the takedown, Thompson jumps to guilotine! Close, Clay gets out, Clay now in Thompson’s guard. Clay stands up, Thompson is on the ground, Clay back in Thompson’s guard. Clay looking for strikes, but Thompson very active on the bottom, looking for a sub, Josh with a triangle, Clay slams out, Josh recovers, looks for armbar, no! Clay escapes and looks to strike him. Back to THompson’s guard. Clay stands up, looking for a better strike, back to Thompson’s guard. Josh looking for a leg lock, Cley spins out, looks to punch Josh. Great fight! Josh is bleeding now, Clay looks for more damage, Clay looks to hit, Josh with a leg lock, Clay escapes, Josh on top, Clay with a guillotine, Josh escapes, to mount! Time expires! GREAT ROUND!!! Round 2 starts, Josh’s right eye looks swollen and he is cut under it. Fighters circle, Clay scores a big takedown, Josh is against the fence in a half guilotine. Josh tries to come up, Clay on top, Josh tries an armbar, Clay escapes, Josh comes up, Clay pushes Josh back down to the fence. Blood flowing from Josh’s cut now. Clay pushing Thompson against the fence and striking . Clay’s head is down to low, Josh looks for a guilotine, Clay escapes, Josh pulls for a omaplata! Clay escapes. Some in the crowd think he tapped, but the fight continues. Clay on top, Josh looking to pull his head down. Back to full guard, Clay lands a shot that bothers Thompson, to the half guard! A few more shots from Clay, Thompson in butterfly guard now. Clay stands, dives back into Thompson’s guard. Clay more shots, Thompson fires an illegal up kick, referee Herb Dean immediately warns Thompson, match is restarted in the closed guard. Clay looking to hit Thompson with everything and the kitchen sink, THompson is defending well, time expires, FIGHT OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE HERE! Round 3 starts. Clay almost shoots a takedown, Josh swings wide and hard. Clay shoots in, Josh with a guilotine, held a long time, Clay finally gets out as the crowd is hot! Back to Josh’s closed guard. Chuck Norris approves. Match is brought back up to the feet for some reason. Clay shoots, Thompsons defends, Josh on top of Clay, but Clay backs out and finishes with a slam! To Thompson’s closed guard. Fighters look spent but are still going for it. Clay still looking for his punches, Josh still active, Herb Dean warns Clay for an elbow and the match is back to the feet. Clay may have eaten a knee from Josh on a takedown attempt, but regroups and reshoots. Josh back to his guard. Clay relentless in looking to damage, Josh very active. Herb Dean calls a time out, Josh’s eyes looks bad. Clay with another big take down to end the round. This is a five round five because it is a championship bout. A delay in starting in the round as there is trouble closing the door. Fighters are flurrying on their feet, Josh looks aggressive, but Clay takes Josh down hard. Back to Josh’s closed guard. Clay steps up, , and comes down with a punch to Josh’s half guard, but Josh quickly reconstitututes. Slower pace, but fighters still going hard. Josh tries a triangle, not close, Clay quickly out. Clay looks to strike, more blood from Josh. Now Clay is low and Josh looks like he’s pulling for a guilotine. Clay landing blows Josh is looking more weary now as blood is flowing. Josh tried and other armbar, Clay responds with more punches. Josh trying to Clay up now, fires some backhands from the bottom in response to Clay’s barrage of strikes. Round ends in Josh’s guard. Pace has slowed, but this is still an all out war. Round five begins, Josh’s eye is swollen. Clay goes for an immediate single leg takedown, , Josh defends well but eventually it goes down, no wait, Josh stands up! Clay finishes the takedown. Clay to Josh’s half guard against the fence. Clay firing elbows to Josh, but Josh still defending well. Josh gets back to full guard and pushes off the fence, but Clay is relentless. Josh trying a guiltoine from half guard, Clay quickly escapes, offers more punishment. Josh sitting against the fence, with Clay driving forward. Clay jumps on Clay’s back, no hooks, Josh comes up the back door and the fighters are to their feet. Clay shoots for the takedown again, gets it, and they are against the fence again. Now in the half guard. Clay looking to whatever Herb Dean restarts. Clay looks for a takedown, Josh responds with a knee that pauses Clay for a second, but he finishes the takedown. Josh with a nice upkick to Clay, Clay holds on and time expires. To the judges, I’d score it for Clay. Chuck Norris in the cage now to present the belt. Unanimous decision 49-46 and 49-45 for the ISKA Strikeforce champion is Clay “the Carpenter” Guida. Awesome match. All right, what most of this arena is here for, the MMA debut of Cung Le, facing off against Mike Altman. This is a rematch from San Shou (which Cung Le won). Cung Le has been training with Garth Taylor to work on his ground game for the past year and has been coming along well. Mike Altman has been working on his ground game as well, but is primarily a striker. What are we going to see here? Crowd reaction is HUGE for Cung Le. Plenty of Viet Nam flags here. Cung Le is quite possibly the most popular martial artist in the Bay Area. Round one begins after referee Cecil Peoples gives instructions. Cung Le misses with a kick and the crowd goes nuts. Another one connects to Altman’s side. Fighters circling. Cung Le kicking to the body. Cung Le with a side kick, Altman responds with a body blow. Not sure if either fighter has the intention of going to the ground. Altman slips a punch past Cung Le’s defenses. Cung Le scores a loud (but not damaging shot). Spinning back kick attempt by Cung Le, then another, Altman defends well. Cung Le with a left jab right high kick that causes the sweat to fly off of Altman. Cung Le more agressive, bick shot to the chin, Altman is OUT! Cung Le by KO! Official time is 3:51 of the first round by KO, Cung Le. The official North American Attendence Record has been set with 18, 265 in attendence! This shatters the previous record of 14, 274 set by the UFC. Next up is Frank Shamrock vs Cesar Gracie. I can barely believe this is about to happen. Round begins. Very short feeling out. Frank Shamrock by KO in under 10 seconds. Waiting for the offical time. On the replay a right hook to Cesar’s temple rocked him, Cesar fell back and Frank fired off five or six more shots to end the match. Official time is 21 seconds into round one, by KO, Frank Shamrock. Post speech from Frank, declaring this is his house. Not sure if Cesar realizes he was knocked out. Crowd filters out. Just in time, my battery is about to go out. Thanks for following everyone, I’m going to get myself a beer.

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