Shamrock’s Fight Night (Friday, June 30th)

Shamrock’s Fight Night (Friday, June 30th)

Shamrock Martial Arts Academy is located at: 5725 Winfield Blvd in San Jose, CA 95123. Parking is located in the parking lot as well as the parking lot at Golfland next door. Start:6:00 Pm.

MMA Rules & Regulations

Legal Techniques While Standing Closed hand strikes to the body & head Kicking techniques Knees to body and legs Throwstakedownssweeps Standing submissions Chokesarmbars Shouldering Legal Techniques While On The Ground Closed hand strikes to body, legs, & head Submissions (chokes, armbards, straight leg locks ONLY) All leg locks except heel hooks

Illegal Techniques While Standing Elbows Knees to head Kicks to knees Stomps on feet Groin strikes Spine strikes Slamming Throws on head or neck Throws against a joint Throwing out of competition area Neck cranks Holding ropes Pinching, biting, gouging, “dirty fighting”

Illegal Techniques While On The Ground Elbows Neck cranks Heel hooks Fingertoe locks Choking with hand on throat Smothering (hand over mouth) Spine locks Hammer locks Fish hooks Groin strikes Spine strikes Slamming Throwing out of competition area Pinching, biting, gouging, “dirty fighting” Fight Order

Fight Card For Friday, June 30th

MMA (135-145): Aaron Ewoldt (SMA, 5’8”) Vs. Hugo Govea (SBFC)

MMA (145-155): David Ishaya (SMA, 5’9”) Vs. Hamilcar Cabusi (SMA)

SUB (180-190): Kevin Bradley (SMA) Vs. Ryan Ehrenreich (SMA, 5’1”0 Smoker)

MMA (145): Tung Nguyen (SMA, 5’2”0 Smoker) Vs. Ron Sabino (SBFC1 Smoker)

MMA (185-195): Paul Durden (SMA, 5’10”0 Smoker) Vs. Raul Castillo (HMB Pierini Team0 Smoker)

MMA (185): Sylas Crabtree (SMA) Vs. Fransisco Soto (SBFC2 Smokers)

MMA (145-155): Jason Rice (SMA, 5’8”0 Smoker) Vs. Ramiro Camacho (HMB Pierini Team0 Smoker)

BOX (145-155): Albert Cendejakas (SMA) Vs. Lawrence Cordero, Sr. (SMA0 Smoker)

MMA (220-230): Andrew Becerra (SMA, 5’9”0 Smoker) Vs. Julio Barbery (SMA, 5’9”0 Smoker)

MMA (175-185): Jesus Espinoza (SMA, 5’10”0 Smoker) Vs. Joey Armstrong (F&F)

Please contact me with any additional questions you may have….thank you and we’ll see you Friday!

Christine ‘Krissie’ Bacho Event Coordinator Shamrock Martial Arts (408) 712-6571 direct line

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