Shawn Williams Seminar

Sean William has been a friend of mine since we were both purple belts training under Gracies. He got his black belt from Renzo Gracie and is proven himself as a great competitor and instructor. I remember seeing many of his classes where his attention to detail is amazing. He has many tricks and basics that I have never seen before.

He also spent a few months training with me for some tournaments a few years ago. I recall the battles him and I would have on the mat. His control and technique are his greatest attributes. I highly recommend this seminar for all levels of Jiu-Jitsu and am proud to be able to host a seminar at the American Kickboxing Academy of this caliber…

Don’t miss this great opportunity…

50$ per person prepaid…60$ at the door for this 3 hour seminar.

The seminar is at AKA 1830 Hillsdale Ave San Jose, Ca. on Sunday December, 11th at 12 noon…

For sign ups email me at dave@dcacademy.info_________________David CamarilloBlack Belt Judo, Black Belt Camarillo Jiu-JitsuAmerican Kickboxing Academy ( Martial Arts, Fresno, Cakoumei Dojo Brainered, Mn

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