MMA fighter Dave Herman tased by cops

SHOCKING VIDEO of MMA Fighter Dave Herman tased by cops!

UFC & MMA Fighter David Herman says that Police officers treated me like a dog and an animal!!

 David’s wife caught the entire incident on video with her iPad.  Once police noticed they were being filmed their attitude noticeably changed.

 Dave is now released from jail and is charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor.

“I was finally released (Wednesday) afternoon at the latest hour of the day that they possibly could. I was told that it was because they did not like my sense of humor,” Herman said. “They said clearly, on the phone with my wife, ‘We are going to hold him until the 47th hour because we don’t like his sense of humor.’ That’s what they told her when she was calling asking for information about me.”

Herman said that he believes the police put his family in danger during the Tuesday morning arrest.

“They’ve been very rude, very disrespectful,” he said. “Not only have they treated me like a dog and an animal, they’ve been very disrespectful to my wife and family, as well, and have endangered their lives.”

Turns our the Police officer had previously been in a serious situation where he was shot in the face during an arrest.

Here is the local news cast.

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