Shooto Brasil 20 define card with two titles disputes

 With some modifications to the original card, Shooto Brasil 20 had its official full schedule. The event will be held on December 11, at Delfim Academy, in Rio de Janeiro, and will feature six fights. Highlights for the disputes of belts between Dudu Dantas (photo) and Carlos Alberto Betão, and Maicon Wilian against Lincoln Sá.


The event will also have the holdings of Leandro Batata, Eder Jones and the UFC veteran Antonio Samuray.


"It will be the last event of the year, and I’m sure we’ll have a full house. The card has been greatly modified in recent weeks, but still we have great fights", said Andre Pederneiras, event organizer.


Below is the complete card of the event:


– Dudu Dantas (Nova União) x Carlos Alberto Betão (RFT) – fight valid by the South American up to 60 kg title;


– Leandro Batata (Nova União) x Eder Jones (Minotauro Team);


– Maicon Willian (Nocaute) x Lincoln de Sá (Art Combat) – fight valid by the South American up to 52 kg title;


– Leandro Sete Bala (Nova União) x Reveilisf Barcellos (Peterson Mello);


– Jeferson (RVT) x Francisco D´Branco (Beto Padilha);


– Antonio Samuray x Emenilson Negão (Nova União);

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