Sitting Open Guard Reversal

A Technique from Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBy BJJ.Org Featured Contributor Romero “Jacaré” Cavalcanti.

These techniques should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Practicing the moves incorrectly could result in serious bodily injury or death.This information was originally published on, and is reproduced on BJJ.Org with express permission.

Beginning in the open guard position, Rodrigo Medeiros, on the bottom, is holding Jacare by the collar with both hands. Rodrigo has his feet placed on the hips of Jacare. Rodrigo drops one foot down to the leg of Jacare, just above the knee, and pushes Jacare’s leg back. As Rodrigo pushes, he begins to sit up. Rodrigo drops both feet to the floor and grabs Jacare’s collar from behind and between Jacare’s legs. As Rodrigo is holding the collar, Jacare begins to push forward into Rodrigo’s chest with his knee. As Jacare is pushing forward, Rodrigo grabs Jacare’s pants at the knee with his palm up. Rodrigo then moves his hips as far under and between Jacare’s legs as he can pulling Jacare forward.

As Rodrigo falls back from pulling Jacare forward, he then begins to lift Jacare’s knee toward the opposite side while continuing to hold Jacare’s collar between the legs. With the collar in hand, Rodrigo pulls Jacare’s leg to him and continues to lift the knee for the reversal. Once Jacare is reversed, and continuing to hold the pants and collar, Rodrigo can get up and move to a side-mounted position.

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