SJ da Barra Submission Wrestling 3

SJ da Barra Submission Wrestling 3.March 12th and 13th in Sao Joao da Barra GymnasiumSJ da Barra Submission Wrestling 3.March 12th and 13th in Sao Joao da Barra Gymnasium

Simply put, Marcelo Garcia is the man to be beaten in submission grappling. Another gala performance, what else can we say about Garcia’s fight in SJ da Barra Submission Wrestling 3. At first, Garcia was going tofight on the under 87kg tournament, super-fight and absolute weight class. However, Garcia showed his tools only in superfight and the explanation is obvious. With a marathon of fights in last three months, Garcia decided to preserve himself for his next Submission fight, scheduled for March 27.

The SJ da Barra show was run in similar fashion to Submission Wrestling de Campos, so we’re used with the style of this other show of Leandro Ribeiro Gomes, but in one point the difference between the two events was perceptible, the size of the crowd. The atmosphere of SJ da Barra Submission Wrestling was more exciting, so the first day of competition provided more motivation for the fighters, with the crowd cheering for the local’s fighters. The prize of around $90 for semi-pro, 250$ for the 4 weights classes and around 1100$ plus mats JetPower for absolute, attracted a lot of Submission specialists to fight for these good prizes.

– Saturday, March 13th –

SuperFight: Marcelo Garcia (Alliance) def. Rodrigo ‘Riscado’ Gripp (NU) by rear naked choke

Garcia started explosive, on the first second he already tried to put ‘Riscado’ in his magnificent outline of technique. But ‘Riscado’ proved surprising, pulling Garcia for the half-guard and trying to work a feeble game-plan. Riscardo didn’t find a way of turning the fight for his side with a reversal or a sweep, only a timid attempt of toe-hold. On the other hand, Garcia worked with his frenetic moves to pass Riscado’s guard. After several seconds, the referee re-started the fight on the feet due to a lack of action, but before that the referee gave an advantage to Garcia due to an illegal grab made by ‘Riscado’ on Garcia’s rash-guard. Garcia then sat down himself on the mat and invited ‘Riscado’ to his guard. ‘Riscado’ didn’t accept the ‘nice’ invitation so Garcia hunted one of Riscado’s legs, to dominated the pace on his half-guard. ‘Riscado’ had some success on escaping from the dangerous guard of Garcia, but he didn’t get to impose his game. Garcia got to unsettle ‘Riscado’ in the half-guard, and the end of this fight was only a question-of-seconds when Garcia jumped fast and hooked the back of ‘Riscado’, The rear naked choked was already on and the warrior, ‘Riscado’, held on valiantly, however there was no way of resisting and the tapout was inevitable.

– Friday, March 12th –


Rodrigo Damm got his 5th title in 6 editions of the two Submission events organized by Gomes(Submission Wrestling de Campos and SJ da Barra Submission Wrestling). Strength and a great wrestling base are the weapons of Damm, who only had troubles on beating his wrestling teammate, Daniel ‘Pirata’ Malvino, on the semifinal. In the two other fights, Damm imposed his specialty: an indefensible leglock. Damm doesn’t have any more challenges in National Submission events and he is looking for new steps in his career. The first step will be given at the entering in SHOOTO Brazil(April) class B fight.


At the first glance on this weight class, “balance” was the first word that must come to mind. Two SHOOTO veterans(Dudu Guimaraes and XANDINHO), a ADCC Brazilian Trials champion(Rany Yahrya), a very well ranked Europe MMA fighter(Per Eklund) and the champion of last edition(Leonardo Pecanha). But when the fighters collided on the mat, we saw unbalanced matches, as what Yahrya defeated Dudu by the elastic score of 14-0 and when Pecanha armbarred ‘Rato’ in less than 30 sec.

The Swedish, Eklund, was protagonist of a funny moment; after beating Pequeno’s brother(Leonardo Nogueira). He faced off Pecanha and was schooled by a score of 8-0, Eklund had given up his back, but he didn’t let Pecanha submits him at biting the Pecanha’s finger, leading to a DQ.

Pecanha and the tough Yahrya were on the mat for the final and when the whistle blew, Pecanha tried an armbar at pulling the fight to the ground, this could have been a quick submission. Yahrya had some troubles for disentangling himself of this attempt; he did and the fight come back to the feet. Yahrya took Pecanha down, but the score didn’t stay in Yahrya’s favor for long time, when he was taken down too. The fight came back to their feet for the third time and on this moment a controversy happened, Pecanha shoots a takedown and they kept tangled on the feet; when the fight went to the ground, Yahrya was on the top, but the referee gave the two points to Pecanha. Yahrya complained, but without a corner(he was alone on the event), he was unsure how to act and turn the score. Pecanha closed the guard and assured 250$ on his pocket.


The fighters of this weight class didn’t jeopardize, this was what we watched during 6 of 7 matches. The only guy who got a submission was Romulo Barral in first round at choking ‘Lavagem’. The rest of fights had low scores, there were matches where the referee had to decide who would advance. Thalles Leite got nod on this weight classes against an unrecognizable Carlos Baruch. Wake up fighters!!


In the last match of quarter-finals, Tiago ‘Marreta’ shot a inaccurate takedown and Mario Neto grabbed his back of ‘Marreta’. Still on the feet, the rear naked choke worked under the Marreta’s chin and forced the tapout. I think that the review of this match was less quick than the all action, the situation happened in less than 10 seconds and was the fastest submission of whole event.

Going to the semifinals, Neto was beaten by Antoine Jaoude, while Gabriel ‘Napao’ Gonzaga scored a 4-0 points over Fernando ‘Soluco’ DiPierro.

Napao’ knew of the Jaoude’s fame on Wrestling, so he adopted the tactic of sitting down on the mat and controlling the strong Jaoude, who tried to use his strength to pass the guard. Jaoude fended himself of the ankle-grabs twice, but when he thought that ‘Napao’ would not use it anymore. ‘Napao’ insisted on an ultimate attempt, and bang, he swept Jaoude, who didn’t stay a long time on the bottom. They stood up and ‘Napao’ pulled to the guard, Jaoude opened the guard and tried an ankle-lock. However he let his ankle for ‘Napao’ who acquired a perfect ankle-lock and Jaoude tapped out.

– Saturday, March 13th –


Jaoude came determined to erase the prior day of competition by conquering the absolute. With a game more developed than he showed in 105kg weight class, Jaoude learned from the mistakes committed. The champion’s road started with a victory over XANDINHO, followed by a battle of David versus Goliath; when Jaoude beat Damm by 3 advantages. The important point about Damm is that he faced the Luta-Livre fighter Vitor Hugo on 1st round, who besides being stronger, heavier and taller he was better in takedowns. Hugo got frustrated against Damm, who took the fight down once and passed the guard(5-0).

Jaoude got his place on the final match at taking Marcos Oliveira down. By the other hand ‘Riscado’ employed unorthodox guard-game – dominating the positions – against strongest opponents than him, as Baruch and Fabiano ‘Pega-Leve’ Scherer.

Both finalists were a bit exhausted, since ‘Riscado’ had fought four times and Jaoude three. The fatigue of both was the explanation for a methodical final match. ‘Riscado’ and his open-guard didn’t offer danger for Jaoude, that by his side got an advantage, through his usual maneuver of trying to pass the guard. The fight’s action stayed without changes and the ten minutes ended. Jaoude conquered his most important submission title, after the two titles in ADCC Arab League. Now, his effort will be to get a place in Brazilian National Wrestling Team, for competing in Athens 2004.

All results

Under 65kg


Rodrigo Damm def. Daniel Rupinol by leglockDaniel ‘Pirata’ Malvino def. Tiago ‘Carne-Seca’ Pinheiro by 2-0[points]Vinicius ‘Faisca’ Gayhva def. Nazareno by 2-0[advantages]Jose Aldo Jr def. Thiago Tavares by 4-0[points]


Damm def. ‘Pirata’ by 2-0[advantages]Jose def. ‘Faisca’ by 2-0[points]


Damm def. Jose by leglock

Under 76kg


Leonardo Pecanha def. Ricardo ‘Rato’ by armbarPer Eklund def. Leonardo Nogueira by 5-0[points]XANDINHO def. Tarsis Humphrey by referee decisionRany Yahrya def. Dudu Guimaraes by 14-0


Pecanha def. Eklund by disqualification(Eklund bit Pecanha’s finger)Yahrya beat XANDINHO by choke


Pecanha def. Yahrya by 4-2[points]

Under 87kg


Bruno de Paula def. Rafael Guimaraes by 2-0[points]Carlos Baruch def. Vito Hugo by W.O.Thales Leite def. Rodrigo Cordeiro by 2-0[points]Romulo Barral def. Vinicius ‘Lavagem’ by rear naked choke


Baruch def. Bruno by 4-2[points]Leite def. Barral by referee decision


Leite def. Baruch by referee decision

Under 105kg


Gabriel ‘Napao’ Gonzaga def. Alexandre Pereira by 4-0[points]Fernando ‘Soluco’ DiPierro def. Mauro ‘He-Man’ by 6-0Antoine Jaoude def. Oscar Eklof by 6-0[points]Mario Neto def. Tiago ‘Marreta’ by rear naked choke


Napao’ def. ‘Soluco’ by 4-0[points]Jaoude def. Neto by 4-0[points]


Napao’ def. Jaoude by anklelock


First round

Alexandre Pereira def. ‘Soluco’ by armbarMarcos Oliveira def. Leite by 1-0[advantage]Jaoude def. XANDINHO by 1-0[advantage]Damm def. Vitor Hugo by 5-0[points]Fabiano ‘Pega-Leve’ Scherer def. Humphrey by toe-holdMateus Miranda def. Mario Neto by 2-0[advantages]Baruch def. Tavares by 3-0[points]Riscado’ def. Bruno by 2-0[points]


Oliveira def. Pereira by 2-2[points]/2-0[advantages]Jaoude def. Damm by 3-0[advantages]‘Pega-Leve’ def. Miranda by kneebarRiscado’ def. Baruch by referee decision


Jaoude def. Oliveira by 2-0[points]Riscado’ def. ‘Pega-Leve’ by referee decision


Jaoude def. ‘Riscado’ by 1-0[advantage]

Under 76, semi-pro final match

Roderley (Alliance) def. Leonardo Nogueira (WFC) by 9-0

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