Sophia Drysdale’s Nutrition E-Book Review

I would like to share with you all something of value that is a little different. It is Sophia’s nutrition e book that she just released this month!

Sophia McDermott Drysdale best known for being the first female Australian Black Belt is not only a World Champ, Pan Am Champ and a mother of two, but she has spent almost the last 20 years teaching and personal training. Functional strength and fitness training as well as nutrition has always been her focus.

After competing in a couple of Ms Figure shows and winning her divisions, she decided to write a nutrition book due to the demand of questions she was receiving about weight loss, making weight for competitions and eating for optimum performance. Her nutrition e book covers just that and it is ideal for any athlete who wants to learn how to make informed life long choices about healthy eating.

I have a pretty good idea of nutrition but I learned a lot of things here that I had no idea about! Such as, why dairy (in particular milk) is detrimental for your health and how bad some of the chemicals are in our food. This book is also very well laid out with lots of self explanatory pictures and is very easy to understand.

The book also covers:
– Nutrition basics: proteins carbs and fats
– Foods to avoid or minimize (foods that are bad for you and that make you fat.)
– How to eat for weight loss (the how, what, why and when)
– Dangers of cutting calories and long-term weight loss
– Understanding food labels
– Supplements ( the bare basics to keep you strong and healthy)
– Daily meal plans (preparing your food for the day.)
– Recipes (yummy, healthy and easy to make meals and snacks.)

Sophia is offering her book for limited time for 30% off. Check out her website: and enter your details to receive the code.

You can purchase her book here:

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