Sophia McDermott Drysdale and Mackenzie Dern BJJ Camp in Mexico

Sophia Mackenzie Mexico BJJ Camp

Sophia Mackenzie Mexico BJJ Camp

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is growing so rapidly and more and more opportunities are coming up for athletes to compete, to attend seminars and workshops.

Recently, Sophia McDermott Drysdale and Mackenzie Dern visited Mexico to train and share their knowledge amongst some lucky ladies who traveled far and wide from all across the United States and Latin America to attend the 8 day camp.

Purple belt Itzel Bazua who is a pioneer in the sport for women in Mexico organized the event to help build awareness of jiu jitsu in Mexico and give others the opportunity to learn from two experienced black belts, World and Pan Am Champions.  In between the morning and night training there was time to do some sight seeing such as visiting the temples and Teotihuacan!.

The previous month Sophia McDermott Drysdale  with brown belt Ronda Andrews also taught a camp at the MA Super Show at the Venetian in La Vegas. The event was organized by brown belt Shama Ko, who is the founder of the very successful support group, Girls In Gis which brought over 80  ladies from all across the United States who were all there to share and learn and make friendships regardless of affiliation or belt rank.

It is great to see more events being held for women and all jiu jitsu practitioners as a whole. Stay tuned for more info for big camps and events that Mackenzie and Sophia are involved in.

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