South East Grappling Classic

South East Grappling Classic is being held July 28th

325 McGill st

Concord North Carolina


Mapquest would be easiest. Any problems or questions fee free to shoot me an email. This tournament follows all guidelines of the Bud Cup. That includes registration forsms weight classes for women , Children and men ARE as on the registraion for off of

Please no need for pre registration as it is only $50. to compete. THERE IS NO PRO DIVISION. Just the regular Gi and No Gi Divisions.

5 do expect a much larger childerns division this year.

We will have an awsome food vender ther that has grillled chicken to everything with top quality. It will be one of the best food at any tournament.

Free Pass to our sponsors clubs for those interested, thanks MAL Entertainment.

See everyone soon.

Joe Hurst

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