Spring grappling events in Texas

Of course, there’s the IBJJF’s Houston International Open which is becoming a reliable warmup for the Pans…  registration is already closed for this event held next weekend, Feb 12-13.  Big names like Ryan Hall and Bruno Bastos are on [url=http://www.ibjjf.org/checagemhouston2011.pdf//url]the competitors list[/url] so it promises to be a fun event.

Next up is NAGA’s Dollamur Grappling Championship in Dallas, February 26-27.  The adults go on Saturday, kids and teens Sunday, relieving the mind-numbing horror of waiting alllllll day for the kids to finish up.  More info at [url=http://nagafighter.com/index.php?module=eventinformationpage/181//url]the tournament website here.[/url]

Ladies who grapple are cordially invited to the (free) Girls in Gis get-together which will be in San Antonio this month– on Sunday February 27, at the Relson Gracie San Antonio school.  Meet up at noon and train with other ladies and girls of all sizes and experience levels.  We’ll have the academy from 12-3pm and afterwards maybe grab a bite to eat.  More information can be found on the Girls in Gis facebook page or at [url=http://www.graciesa.com///url]the academy website here.[/url]

Austin has two back-to-back next– March 5th is  [url=http://www.txmma.com/2011/01/28/atama-open-austin-march-5th///url]the Atama Open[/url], then March 12th is [url=http://www.worldgrapplingcircuit.com///url]the World Grappling Circuit and Fight to Win tournament.[/url]

The Pan American Championship is in Irvine, CA from March 24-27.  Then May 8th is a good warmup for Mundials in the IBJJF’s newest addition, [url=http://www.ibjjf.org/schedule.htm///url]the Dallas International Open.[/url]  And then of course Mundials will be in Long Beach CA from June 2-5.

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