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This past Sunday was this year’s second installment of Orange County’s premier Mixed Martial Arts event, the Fist Series.This past Sunday was this year’s second installment of Orange County’s premier Mixed Martial Arts event, the Fist Series. SpringFist as it was called showcased some of the most promising up and coming talent in the game today. As expected the fights were action packed as the fighters punched, kicked and grappled there way to victory. This coupled with a great overall promotion gave the fans all they were looking for Sunday afternoon.

The afternoon started out with a vicious Knock out when LA Boxing team fighter Patrick Doty (1-0) took on Fight Science MMA fighter Andrew Lang. Lang who was making his professional debut Sunday was off to a great start as he landed a lethal right hand that floored Doty. Seeing that his opponent was hurt Lang pounced right on him attempting to finish the fight via ground and pound. Doty was tough though, as he weathered the storm and got back to his feet initiating the clinch to regain his composure. From that position Doty secured a takedown of his own putting Lang on his back, once on his back Lang was able to secure the guard position but was never able to do anything with it. As Doty was able to stand up and rain down some destructive blows that KO’ed Lang sending him back to the drawing board.

In the only woman’s fight of the night Heather Basquil (1-1) fighting out of Arlington Kickboxing academy took on Wendy Rodriguez (2-0), fighting out of Team Krav Maga. Rodriguez, who was sporting a professional boxing record of 18-4-3, showed that with the right training a pro boxer could not only survive in MMA but win as well. It was obvious after the bell rang Basquil wanted no part of Rodriguez’s stand up, shooting for a single and putting the pro boxer on het butt. Rodriguez though showed her own ground skills, throwing her leg over the back of her opponent and slipping her hook in to take the back mount. From there Rodriguez who already had one arm trapped locked up a rear naked choke that made Basquil tap just 38 second into the round.

In the third fight of the night Tyler Weathers (1-2), fighting out of Jokers Wild gym took on Louie Moreno (1-2), who was fighting out of the Fight Science MMA team. Throughout the fight weathers ability to not only dictate the takedown but also show positional dominance paid off well for the Jokers Wild team fighter. After brief striking exchanges on the feet it was Moreno who ended up on his back most of the time taking forearm smashes and punches. Moreno though was tough and hung in there through most of the fight, avoiding a deep arm triangle and some punches from Weathers. However in the third Moreno’s luck ran out and after getting his back taken he ended up taping to a rear naked choke.

In what was the fight of the night and could be considered as fight of the year, UTC’s Travis Mc Roberts (2-3) took on Team Wildman fighter Andy Jewett (3-1). In a balls to the wall kind of fight, for three rounds the fighters threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other. On the feet while both landed hard punches that had KO written all over them it was Mc Roberts stiff jab and ability to put combinations together that gave him the edge. On the ground both kept the dominate position for a time. While it was Jewett who went for submission attempts it was Mc Roberts who looked more for the ground and pound, landing forearms and punches while in the top position. In the end it was Mc Roberts’s hand that was raised winning the fight via unanimous decision.

The Co main event of the afternoon was a battle of the Jujitsu schools as Gazze Academy fighter Rj Clifford (1-1) took on Gracie Academy fighter Jarrod Kwity (0-1). In what we see happen sometimes in MMA both combatants’ styles seemed to nullified one another. For the most part it was Clifford who was able to score the takedowns and just keep Kwity flattened out while attempting to land punches within the guard. Kwity though was able to nullify those punches most of the time and attempt either submissions or reversals. At the end of round 3 it was Clifford’s ability to keep the top position that gave him the unanimous decision victory.

In the main event of the afternoon Boxing Club team member Josh Griggs (4-4) took on Riverside Submission team fighter Andrew Flores (2-4). As the bell rang it was Griggs who wanted no part of the stand up, bull rushing Flores and taking him to the ground. Once on the ground he attempted for three rounds to punch, forearm and elbow his way to victory. Flores for most of the fight was stuck fighting his way out from the bottom position and occasionally got a break when the ref would start it back on the feet, but swing wildly left his hips open for just another Griggs takedown. At the end of the third everyone knew the outcome as Griggs won via unanimous decision.

Official Results

Patrick Doty def Andrew Lang via KO 2:29 R1

Wendy Rodriguez def Heather Basquil via Submission (RN-Choke) 0:38 R1

Tyler Weathers def Louie Moreno via Submission (RN-Choke) 2:23 R3

Travis Mc Roberts def Andy Jewett via Decision (Unanimous) 3:00 R3

Rj Clifford def Jarrod Kwity via Decision (Unanimous) 3:00 R3

Josh Griggs def Andrew Flores via decision (unanimous) 3:00 R3

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