On Friday night, June 6, at 9 pm The person in the pictures below stole a white, 20 ft cargo traile from 11357 Deerfield Dr in Truckee, CA. He is cleary seen on video pulling up next to the trailer in a late model chevy suburban and tampering with the back of the trailer. 

It is believed, but not verified, that the suburban has CA plates.

He then returns and disables a video camera. Vehicle lights and the silohuette of the trailer can be seen through the disabled camera. (He spray painted the lens)

The same suburban is seen on another camera arriving and then moments later leaving with the trailer in tow, heading south on HWY 89.

The trailer is a 2009 "Carry On" 20×8.5 ft white enclosed cargo trailer. It has a small graffiti tag on the front passenger side frame rail.

CA Plate ‪#‎4LJ9961‬

The suspect is believed to be a white male, mid 20’s, 5’10-11" approx 170 lbs. Shaved head, tan complexion. He appears to have a neck tattoo on the right side. He was wearing white/black plaid shorts below the knee, and a black "MMA" style shirt., with sunglasses on his forehead.

Not only did he steal very exspensive equipment, but he stole a significant part of Marc and Kelly’s livleyhood. The have been supporting Jiu-Jitsu tournaments on the west coast since 2008. If you’ve been to the Gracie Open, Gracie Worlds, South Bay Open, Bay Area Championships, Lake Tahoe Classic and many other tournaments, you’ve seen this set up.

It is unique, there are no others like it.

If you reconize this person or the vehicle, or have been contacted about purchasing the an of equipment or trailer,

Please Call the Truckee Police Dept ask for Officer Randy Misch

Or contact Marc Hassell-Cramer via FB or

Here are pictures of the suspect, the suburban he was driving, the trailer, and the equipment.


Thank you to all that have helped so far, the support is overwhelming and much appreciated.

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