StrikeForce Post Fight Interviews

We sent the Fearless Tavis into the locker rooms post fight for the scoop straight from the fighters themselves. Here Tavis talks to Alistair Overeem, Cung Le, Brian Warren, and Josh Thomson.We sent the Fearless Tavis into the locker rooms post fight for the scoop straight from the fighters themselves. Here Tavis talks to Alistair Overeem, Cung Le, Brian Warren, and Josh Thomson.

Alistair Overeem Post Fight Interview

The match between Vitor Belfort and Alistair Overeem was pretty even except for the fact that Vitor continuously jumped to guard. I feel this was the determining factor in the judge’s unanimous decision in favor of Overeem. I had a chance to sit with the tired Overeem after his fight and ask him some questions. When I entered the locker room I found a tired Alistair chewing ice asking his team for soda, or anything with sugar in it. I gave him a packet of Emergen – C ,( a packet of powder commonly used during illness to replenish the body’s vitamin levels). Despite what looked to be an anti climactic fight I found a tired Alistair slumped in a chair looking exhausted. I weighed for him to relax a little longer and waited for the sugar to hit. After all these are some big guys its best to have them as comfortable as possible.

T.H. – Now you took this fight on short notice, were you already in a steady training regiment at the time of taking the fight?

Alistair – I was training but not conditioning for a fight at this weight. I had to lose up to 20 pounds to make weight.

T.H.- That’s a lot to lose in 4 weeks.

Alistair – Like a couple of days ago I weighed 20 pounds more. T.H. – Wow.. What did you do to lose all that weight?

Alistair – I ate sushi, and drank warm tea. I ate way too much sushi.

T.H. – So what’s next for Alistair any upcoming fights and or plans?

Alistair- tonight we go out a have a good time!

T.H. – Where are you going to go tonight?

Alistair – Tonight we go to glow.

T.H. – So are you looking to meet any girls?

Alistair – We need to go relax and have a fun time!

T.H. – So do you follow the tradition of swearing off women before fights?

Alistair – Yes, I um actually haven’t been out, I haven’t gone out since new years.Does anyone have some sugar, maybe some soda?

T.H. – Feeling pretty rough huh?

Alistair – Yes losing that weight was hard.

T.H. – So that was a tough match for you even though there didn’t seem to be alot of hard hits?

Alistair – Yes Vitor is very explosive so I was cautious of his striking and glad it ended the way it did. I got hit a couple times but I’m more tired than hurt.

T.H. – So besides the club tonight what’s next?

Alistair – Down to L.A. next week, and then back to the Netherlands.

T.H. – Any one in particular your looking to have a match against?

Alistair – No not really just what ever comes up.

T.H. – Well thanks for your time and be sure to come by the OTM Fight Shop when you’re down south I will show you around!

Alistair – Sure that sounds good. But you better mean it we’ll call you!

T.H. – Thanks for your time Alistair and Congratulations on your fight.

Alistair – Sure . . Thanks .

Cung Le Post Fight Interview

One interview I had was with Cung Le. Cung has recently made his move to MMA from San Sao kick boxing. San Sao is like regular American Kick boxing but allows takedowns. Cung was 1 and 0 coming into this fight against a more experienced Brain “ Unbreakable “ Warren. Cung won the fight with a K.O. in the first round using hand strikes. I was able to catch up with Cung in a back hallway. Even though the fight ended over a half hour ago his nose is still bleeding, and apparently broken. As I interview him his nose drips blood onto the ground, but he seems to barely notice it.

T.H. – Congratulations on the win Cung you were a fan favorite here tonight, and a favorite to win the fight.

Cung- Thanks; yeah it was a tough match but a good win.

T.H. – Now like Frank Shamrock said earlier this was the first chance we got to see you work on the ground, how did that feel?

Cung – Yeah , you know my corner told me to stay on my feet , but Brian kept pulling on my shorts. So I went down, picked him up, slammed him down, threw a couple punches and stayed patient. I stayed on the ground and waited for a submission, I looked for the submission but nothing came. I waited for the ref to stand us up again. We stood up and threw some strikes , and he hit me with a flying knee and a head butt, and that’s when my nose broke. I got pissed off and started working him against the fence.

T.H. – Like an injured tiger you snapped back and attacked.

Cung – Yeah !

T.H. – On another point, even though we see MMA growing and getting more popular there are still those that say this sport increases violence and is barbaric. Now Cung as a local fan favorite and good influence and the community what would you say to those who look at this sport in a negative way.

Cung – Yeah definitely, you know this sport has the greatest athletes in the world they have to be trained in boxing, to kick boxing, to Jiu Jitsu to Wrestling. We have to cross train harder than anyone, we do sprints, lift weights, and stretch… we have to be complete. If it’s barbaric for us to be in the cage then what about the running back heading full speed up the middle to hit a line backer head on over and over. What about a slot receiver going over the middle for a high ball and getting blind-sided by a corner. I think Steve Young had to end his career with over 8 concussions. Why isn’t that barbaric, things are changing and its only a matter of time before we get the respect we deserve.

T.H. – Well said. On a side note, did you receive any honey packets this time?

Cung – (laughing) No, no honey this time, but he did give me a book on the lord. You know I’m religious, and so is he so it was good we can talk about that. May the better man win! You know I am not sure I was the favorite; I have only had 1 fight before this, I go on the ground a little. They didn’t see any ground and pound, or submission but Im getting better I showed patience. It’s just a matter of time before I get better. I’m just happy to be here promoting the sport, showing my skills to the fans. I like to stick up for the sport and to all those people that talk bad about the sport about MMA, look at what you allow with Nascar and other sports that have a much higher death rate than MMA. I just think its hypocritical.

T.H. – Well congratulations again on the victory and good luck with training.

Cung – Thanks!

SO Cung leaves the Strike Force event 2-0 with a big win over Brain “ Unbreakable “ Warren. What’s next for the fighter? I suppose some tough matches and some cameo’s in larger events. This will definitely be a fighter to watch for, with his great work discipline and awesome stand up abilities Cung will be one to contend with as he makes his journey in the MMA arena.

Brian Warren Post Fight Comments

T.H. – Here with the “Unbreakable” Brian Warren. “Tough lose here against Cung Le, quite a swing from the win at the Pangea MMA event in Southern California just weeks ago, to the lose here tonight. At least no one can say you’re not a tough fighter.

Brian – Man you know this is what I love to do. I’m in there having fun. I might have been playing around in there too much, and got caught. You know what if im not fighting my style of fight If I’m not in there having fun then I don’t want to do this. I love to fight this is what I love to do. I brought it to him, and he caught me with some good shots. He’s a great champion. I just love this sport. I told my guy’s im sorry I lost but I love this sport. I’m proud of my boys we won 2 for 3 of our matches tonight. My boys did great. Unfortunately I lost but this is a great sport but I love it.

T.H. – You gave a lot of credit to Cung after the fight, and seemed humble in the interview. We catch bad press saying our athletes are barbarians and this sport is barbaric, what is your response to that?

Brian – Well you know what, If they want I’ll take an I.Q. test, and have a debate with them. I’ll get in the ring and display my skills. I’ll talk with them about my lord Jesus Christ, he’s the reason I do this. What ever they want to do on our mind and brains we’ll do it. Blow for blow with our punches and kicks I will do that too. Whatever man it’s all-good that’s them. This sport is blowing up and it’s taking over. This is the most exciting sport. I love it!

T.H. – I agree. Now as for Mr. Unbreakable what’s next?

Brian – Well I’m going to have a beer with my boys, and relax. I’ll get my wife; make love to her, that’s all I want right now. Then it’s a couple weeks off.

T.H. – I’m going to quote that verbatim of course is that cool?

Brian – Of course man anything that comes from my mouth is the truth.

T.H. – Nice! Thanks for your time, any shot outs?

Brian – The only way threw the Father is his son Jesus Christ. Thanks very much to all my team, my chiropractor, tapout, biotech, tattoo revolution and onthemat. Mix 103.9, anyone else if I missed you sorry, thanks and God bless.

Josh Thompson Post Fight Interview

T.H. – Here with fan favorite and local boy Josh Thompson. Big win Josh seemed to be missing something in the first but put it together in the next rounds.

J.T. – Yeah it just came together I needed to warm up get my timing.

T.H. – Timing for things like that jumping right, to the single leg shot that worked every time, where did you pick that up?

J.T. – Yeah I’ve been doing that forever, even before the Rob McCullough fight. It just came naturally. I have been just working a lot on my wrestling so it all came together.

T.H. – What would you say about the lack of knowledge about this sport and the bad publicity it gets?

J.T. – I like to show everyone that we aren’t just fighters but we are smart guys as well. I went to an Ivy League school, one of the best in the nation. Chuck Liddel is a graduate of Cal Poly, Jon Fitch the best stand up wrestler I know, and Josh Koschek both graduated from top schools and have degrees. These aren’t dumb guys by any standard. We want to let the world know we are not just typical street fighters.

T.H. – Now Eugene Jackson compared MMA to a physical chess match what do you say to this?

J.T. – Back in the days it was those Neanderthals, at those random events. You had the fighter off the street the rules where different. The fighters and the sport the idea was different. Now it’s not like that, it’s the real deal. Now it’s educated guys playing smart games, technique, waiting it out.

T.H. –What is next for you?

J.T. – I’m taking it one step at a time. It’s a step up now. I’m going to push myself beyond measure and go for it. I have alot to get where I used to be. Not training as hard. I took a year off of heaving training to open a mortgage company. So I was consumed by that now I’m getting back on track.

T.H. – Another educated fighter here tonight, quelling some of the arguments about this sport and its legitimacy. Thanks for your time Josh any one you want to thank?

J.T. – Geez, everyone. My parents. God, he made this all possible. My training partners, and the home crowd for their support. My sponsors , tapout , knox , 408 fighter. Now its Pride and training.

T.H. – Thanks for your time Josh.

J.T. – No problem.

So I left the H.P. pavilion having seen a great night of fights in my hometown of San Jose California. Some old fiery grudges where smoldered while other fires where light. I look forward to the next strike force and what matches it will present. For now I travel back to Los Angles to see more fights , train hard and have a good time.

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