Strikeforce had another great show in their home town of San Jose, Ca. 


170 lbs: Woodley vs Galvao

Tyron Woodley (7-0)

Fighting out of Coconut Creek, FL (America Top Team)

Andre Galvao (5-1)

From Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (Team Nogueira) 

1st round – 

Woodley’s fast punches has Galvao ducking.

As Woodley punches, Galvao goes for a takedown, but Woodley continues punching and the takedown is unsuccessful.

Galvao connects with a knee, and the crowd audibly gasps.

Galvao attempts to take the fight to the ground, and Woodley continues with his fists.

The referee stops the fight in the 1st round – Woodley is the winner by TKO.


Women’s Welterwight Championship (135 lbs): Kaufman vs Coenen

Sarah Kaufman (12-0); defending champ

Victoria, British Columbia

Freestyle fighter

Marloes Coenen (17-4); challenger


Shooto/submission fighter

1st round – 

The women are tentative, feeling each other out (no lesbo).

Kaufman throws some punches and grabs Coenen in a clinch.

Knees are exchanged as both women attempt to gain control.

Coenen lands an elbow and the women get broken up after hugging for some time.

Coenen lands a right and the crowd gasps.

The girls are back in a clinch; both are kneeing and struggling for control.

The crowd is booing at the extended hug time, hungry for more action.

The referee separates them once again.

At the 10 second warning,  each woman releases a flurry, ending in a clinch (what a surprise).

2nd round – 

Coenen attempts to take Kaufman down. Coenen ends up in a clinch with her back against the cage.

Both women are kneeing and the crowd is booing, yet again.

Kaufman gets underhooks, but the referee breaks them up before she can attempt a takedown.

The women trade punches.

Kaufman grabs Coenen’s kicks and the women, again, end up in a clinch.

The crowd is predictably voices their displeasure at the lack of action and the referee separates them AGAIN.

Coenen takes Kaufman down with a hipthrow, and Kaufman ends up in her guard.

Coenan attempts 2 armbars, but Kaufman slips away both times before the bell rings.

3rd round:

Kaufman comes in punching and Coenen takes her down in her guard.

Coenen is warned not to elbow to the back of the head.

Coenen attempts another armbar, but Kaufman slips out easily.

The women are trading punches on the ground, and Kaufman seems to take control with hammerfists to Coenen’s head.

The crowd roars when Coenen locks an armbar in the flurry of punches.

The referee stops the fight when Kaufman taps.

Winner: Coenan by armbar/tapout, 3rd round


155 lbs: Thomson vs Cavalcante

Josh Thomson (17-3)

Fighting out of San Jose, CA (AKA)

Muay Thai/Submission Wrestling Fighter

(Gesias) JZ Cavalcante

From Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Fighting out of Coconut Creek, FL (America Top Team)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Muay Thai Fighter

1st round:

JZ backs Josh up against the cage with some kicks and they get into a clinch.

JZ pushes off and Josh gets a punch in.

The guys are dancing (I imagine to "Forever Young").

Josh tries to take JZ down, and JZ immediately jumps to guard with a guillotine in tow.

JZ readjusts and re-tightens his guard multiple times, but Josh refuses to tap.

Josh punches and elbows as JZ gets visibly worn from continuously trying to finish the guillotine and lets go.

The crowd goes nuts!

JZ attempts a triangle, and Josh slips into half guard.

Josh latches an arm triangle on JZ, in half guard, and the crowd is on their feet.

Both men are breathing heavily with JZ still in an arm triangle as the end of the round ends.

2nd round:

JZ gets Josh against the cage, and Josh spins JZ around.

Both guys are kneeing, and JZ unsuccessfully attempts a takedown

JZ turns Josh to the cage, and Josh successfully takes him down with Josh taking JZ’s back…one hook is in.

Josh lands some punches to JZ’s face.

JZ manages to turn, and they’re in half guard.

The round ends with JZ on his back, and Josh getting up and landing punches.

3rd round:

Josh goes in unsuccessfully for a takedown.

JZ lands a knee, and the two end up in a clinch with JZ against the cage.

Josh ALMOST gets a takedown; they dance, and JZ takes Josh down.

JZ has mount. Josh tries to escape and ends up in half guard.

Josh holds JZ down with a flexible knee, faces the tv and gives a fist and a smirk to the viewers.

They scramble and get back on their feet.

JZ hits Josh hard, and he falls.

JZ hits Josh a few times before falling into Josh’s guard.

Josh looks like he’s taking a breather, then attempts a guillotine.

JZ pushes josh uncomfortably against the fence, but 

Josh gets away from the cage.

JZ stands and punches as Josh kicks upward.

Decision:  2 judges scored 29-28, 1 judge scored 30-27 in favor of Josh Thomson. 



Men’s Welterweight Championship: (170)  Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons

Nick Diaz (22-7); defending champion

From Stockton, CA (Cesar Gracie)

Boxing/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter

KJ Noons (9-1); challenger

Fighting out of San Diego, CA

Kickboxing/Muay Thai Fighter

1st round:

The men don’t make eye contact and angrily tap their gloves together.

KJ is channeling Keanu Reeves tonight.

The adjusting of hair on KJ’s part is distracting him, and Nick is landing some big punches to KJ’s face.

Nick lands a hammerfist and takes KJ down.

Nick has side control and looks like he’s cradling KJ, but with some shoulder bumps to the KJ’s face.

KJ seems to be lost and is not responding to Nick’s maneuvering in side control.

KJ manages to kick away and stand back up.

The guys are back on their feet: KJ is fixing his hair and Nick is taunting, which is becoming the norm for this fight.

KJ lands a couple of good body hits, and Nick connects with jabs.

Ten seconds left, and Nick backs away, egging KJ on.

2nd round:

Both guys connect and Nick is bleeding.

KJ sees the blood, and is throwing some fast ones.

Keanu is still fixing his hair even though he’s seeing red, and he should really be throwing matrix moves to win the fight.

KJ lands a bunch of jabs, and Nick answers back with his own.

KJ lands a knee to Nick’s midsection, but it doesn’t look like it does much damage.

The two continue to swing at each other.

3rd round:

The guys are on their feet, trading punches.

Keanu’s fixing his hair, and Nick is bleeding and taunting.

This is pretty much what happens the rest of the round.

PS I wish I would’ve kept count of how many times Keanu fixes his hair…can  someone who has this on DVR keep track and let me know por favor?

4th round:

The guys are, again, on their feet and trading punches.

Nick is landing some good combos, which wakes the crowd up from being mesmerized by KJ’s hair.

They get in a clinch, and Nick gets some knees in.

KJ and Nick trade knees in the clinch, and the crowd responds with cheers.

The crowd laughs as Nick taunts KJ.

5th round:

Nick attempts a take down, but is unsuccessful.

Nick does a slow kick to KJ’s head and connects.

The two grab each other and punch simultaneously.

Nick grabs KJ in a clinch and, again, does not complete a takedown.

Nick grabs KJ again and pushes him to the cage, but nothing comes of it.

KJ lands a couple of good punches, and Nick knees him in a clinch.

The guys are trading blows again, and the crowd responds when they’re particularly ferocious.

Decision:  unanimous decision, 48-47, 49-47, 49-46 – in favor of Nick Diaz.

A note to future Keanu opponents: blow at his hair first to distract him and his hands, then take advantage of his open face.


OTM Report by:  Dirty D

Photograph by David Fong


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