The Third installment of this year’s Fist Series dubbed as Summerfist gave fight fans all they wanted and more this past Sunday in Irvine California.The Third installment of this year’s Fist Series dubbed as Summerfist gave fight fans all they wanted and more this past Sunday in Irvine California. From vicious armbars to brutal ground and pound, each fighter showed up that night with the intent of one thing to leave it all in the ring.

To start the night Body Shop team fighter Marcos Gonzales made his pro debut against Gracie Academy team fighter Jarrod Kwitty (0-2). Kwitty who was coming into this fight already down two fights seemed hungry as he kept to the game of getting the fight to the floor to work his submissions. Gonzales although making is pro debut showed some great skill on the feet throwing punches and kicks that had Kwitty looking for the takedown throughout the fight. On the floor Gonzales would show some great scramble ability as he would be able on several occasions get back to his feet. In the end however seeing that his opponent was starting to tire Kwitty scored a takedown and worked his Jiu-jitsu skill as he transition from submission after submission. Gonzales to his credit would fend off the Americana and the Kimura attempt but get caught in an Armbar that made him tap just over a minute into the second round.

Following the Kwitty Gonzales fight was probably the quickest fight in the history of the Fist Series as Sterling Trotter took on Cesar Macias; both were making their professional debut that night as they entered the ring hoping for that first pro win. After the bell rang in what could be considered a cheap shot Macias off the touch of the gloves would throw an inside leg kick that would make his opponent do a balance check just for a second. That brief second is all Macias would need to land a striking combination that would end in a in a round kick to the face that would drop Trotter sending him in-between the ropes just 12 seconds into the fight.

In a controversial split decision Brian Abram (1-0) fighting out of the No Limits Gym took on Luke Adams (1-2) fighting of Team LA Boxing. From the sound of the bell Adams would be able to land effective strikes starting with a simple one two combination, while Abram on the other hand would not be as accurate landing with the wilder punches as both looked for control on the feet. As the fight wore on both would be able to score takedown and work from top position landing effective punches and elbows. Defensively they both showed great scramble ability while on the bottom both were effective at getting back to their feet. In the end though two judges would score the fight 29-28 for Abram and only one judge would score the bout in favor of Adams seeing it 29-27, giving Abram the split decision.

In a 135lbs match up Tommy Peralta (1-0) fighting out of MMA Headquarters took on HB Ultimate Training Center fighter John Sassone (0-1). Other than a quick leg kick executed by Sassone early on the majority of the fight would take place on the mat. Unfortunately for Sassone though he would be on his back with Peralta on top landing punches and attempting to get past his guard. Sassone would show some great submission skill though as he would be persistent with his attempts from the bottom eventually catching Peralta in a vicious Armbar just two minutes into the fist round.

In his comeback fight after stepping away from the ring for almost 4 years BJJ black belt and No Limits team fighter Juliano Prado (3-2) took on LA Boxing team fighter Thor Skancke (1-1). After the bell rang to start the fight you could immediately tell what Prado’s game plan was, set up the shot with strikes and get the fight to the floor. Although while on his feet Prado would eat some strikes and have his takedown countered by the stronger Skancke, he would find himself on the mat but on his back working his guard. Once he settled in Prado took full advantage of his opponents over confidence and locked up a triangle choke that left his opponent no choice but to tap out just over a minute into the round.

In the Co main event of the night Chris Black (1-0) fighting out of Blackout Fights took on Hildred Oliney (4-3) fighting out of the Riverside Submission Academy. In what was a High paced fight both fighters threw everything they had at each other on the feet landing punches, kicks and knees. On the ground it seemed Oliney would end the fight with an Armbar from the bottom but Black showed great composure as he slammed his way out of the hold. After scrambling back to his feet Oliney would attempt to get the fight back to the ground off a foot sweet that would make Black fall in-between the ropes. As this would happen though Black would post his arm and given the pressure of the fall his arm would break. The ref seeing this as he helped Black up from between the ropes had no choice but to call the fight due to injury and award Oliney the win.

In the main event of the night Josh Griggs (5-4) fighting out of the Boxing Club in San Diego Ca took on Hawthorne native and Sparta MMA team member Miguel Cosio (1-5). Griggs who was looking to keep his winning streak alive that night stuck to his game plan and immediately after the bell rang rushed in and scored a double leg takedown that had Cosio scrambling to get to guard. Once on the mat Casio would not be able to do anything against the more experienced Griggs, as Griggs would use strikes to pass his guard and transition to mount to land some hard blows to Casio’s head. To his credit Cosio knowing he was in a bad position would be able to scramble out of the position to his feet but only to be put in a standing guillotine choke that made the already wobbled fighter tap to avoid being choked out.

Official results

Jarrod Kwitty def Marcos Gonzales via Submission (Armbar) 1:13 R2

Cesar Macias def Sterling Trotter via KO (Round kick) 0:12 R1

Brian Abram def Luke Adams via Decision (split) 3:00 R3

John Sassone def Tommy Peralta via Submission (Armbar) 1:59 R1

Juliano Prado def Thor Skancke via Submission (Triangle Choke) 1:01 R1

Hildred Oliney def Chris Black via TKO (Injury) 1:39 R1

Josh Griggs def Miguel Casio via Submission (Standing G-Choke) 2:38 R1

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