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What to Watch this Weekend!

By Scotty OTM / February 18, 2016

This weekend there will be events from the big three in MMA between the UFC, Bellator, and WSOF. While it is not the biggest set of events there is no shortage in any MMA fights. The weekend starts out with Bellator tomorrow night. Bellator 149 is a decent event for Bellator, but none of the fights […]


UFC Resigns Two Title Contenders

By Scotty OTM / February 15, 2016

Benson Henderson made waves recently when he decided to sign with Bellator for more upfront money than resign with the UFC on the chance he could make more money as a champion again someday. Unfortunately, this shows the condition his career is in that he can make more of his name considering he was nowhere […]


Benson Henderson Moves to Bellator

By Scotty OTM / February 1, 2016

While it has been seen that a lot for he free agents are talking about moving promotions or atlas testing the waters, the first one to move has announced and it is a former champion. That is right, Benson Henderson has moved to Bellator and it is assumed hew ill challenge for the title at […]


Bellator 145 Matches to Make

By Scotty OTM / November 7, 2015

Daniel Straus vs. Goti Yamauchi Straus captured the belt and Goti was all but guaranteed a shot at the title after his last fight. He has won multiple fights in a row and seems to be a legit threat. It is better to make this then another rematch for the current and former champion Straus. […]


MMA Bout Announcements: August 19th

By Scotty OTM / August 20, 2015

UFC Jessica Andrade (13-4-0) is filling in for Liz Cartouche to face off agains against Raquel Pennington (5-5-0) at UFC 191. With this fight. she will surpass Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey, who she is tied with, for most female fights in the UFC. Joe Lauzon (25-10) fill face another veteran Lightweight in Evan Dunham […]


Weekend Fight Roundup: November 15th

By Scotty OTM / November 16, 2014

Weekend Fight Roundup will let you know all the big wins and losses that happened outside of the UFC this weekend. From Bellator to WSOF, who won? This Weekend Fight Roundup had some big fights going on outside the UFC that may have taken so eyes off the title fight. Weekend Fight Roundup: Bellator 131 […]


Weekend MMA Fight Roundup

By Scotty OTM / October 19, 2014

Weekend MMA Fight Roundup will let you know all the big fights that happened this weekend. What veterans picked up a win and what newcomers are close to a shot at the UFC? Check out the Weekend MMA Fight Roundup to find out. Weekend MMA Fight Roundup Bellator 129 Not too many big things happened this […]


Global Proving Ground MMA – End of Summer Blowout!!

By admin / August 7, 2014

GPG MMA expands world-wide. Global Proving Ground partners with MMA Combat Content Giant GFL Combat Sports Network. “With our new partnership with the GFL we feel we will reach the core MMA fan at a faster rate than we have ever before” says Co-founder of GPG James Jefferson, Combat Sports fans should never have to […]