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Around the World Drill BJJ Drill by Pete The Greek Rio Jiu Jitsu

By Scotty OTM / January 20, 2015

Pete The Greek is world renowned for his ability to break down the most complicated techniques into series of movements and then creating drills for each movement. He is a Carlson Gracie black belt who lived in Brazil for many years training with many different schools. He currently has a BJJ School in Chicago and […]


Leticia Ribeiro & Bea Mesquite BJJ World Champions Drilling On The Mat

By Scotty OTM / January 20, 2015

Drilling is the key to success in BJJ. ¬†Leticia Ribeiro & Bea Mesquite two BJJ World Champions running some drills. These two woman have some of the best skills in BJJ ever and even as black belts they drill hard.¬† Goes to show how important drilling techniques is. Thanks to BJJ Hacks for the cool […]