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Josh Koscheck Returns at UFC 184

By Scotty OTM / November 21, 2014

Josh Koscheck Returns at UFC 184 against the currently streaking Neil Magny to see what is left in the gas tank. Josh Koscheck Returns back to the division he once sat in the top three at, but will it be a return to triumph? One of the last standing veterans of UTF 1 returns to […]


Renato Laranja Show: Episode 4 with Chris Leben & Josh Barnett

By Scotty OTM / September 15, 2014

Brokeback Mountain,”Brokeback Mounch”, with Josh Barnett and Renato Laranja. Advanced Jiu Jitsu Techniques Renato Laranja does it again with an amazing show featuring the King of Catch wrestling Josh Barnett and UFC Veteran Chris Leban. Chris and Renato go into details about cripples, black guys, Anderson Silva,¬†Josh Koscheck, Gay Fighters, and Massages.