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Raphael Assuncao gets a Bad Deal

By Scotty OTM / January 21, 2015

Raphael Assuncao was supposedly not going to get the title shot due to an injury, but it looks like all of that was a lie. Find out why. Raphael Assuncao already has a win over current champion TJ Dillashaw and is riding a seven fight winning streak, but that was not enough for the UFC […]


UFC Bantamweight Injury Bug Hits Big

By Scotty OTM / December 22, 2014

UFC Bantamweight Injury has struck the top of the division from Dominick Cruz down no one was safe and the injuries are not small and leave them out awhile. UFC Bantamweight Injury will keep these people out for a long time due to their injuries causing indefinite times of healing. Cruz has to be the […]