Texas Girls in Gis meets in December….

Girls in Gis meets again on Sunday December 12– this time, in Dripping Springs, Texas!  Girls in Gis is a group of grappling women that offers female jiu jitsu fighters in Texas a chance to train with other women.  Started by purple belt Ashley Nguyen (of Elite MMA in Houston) to encourage women in jiu jitsu and self-defense training, the group meets about once a month in different cities all over Texas. 


Jiu jitsu ladies of all ages and belt levels are welcome to attend.  We’re meeting from 12-2pm at Joao Crus’ school, hosted by purple belt Ariadne Burkhart.  Usually, Girls in Gis starts with a little warmup, then perhaps a few techniques are demonstrated and drilled.  The remainder of the time is spent rolling.

Girls in Gis offers sparring opportunities for women, since most of us come from schools with few or no other women to train with consistently.  The experience of grappling the kind of body you’d compete against (with similar upper and lower body strength differentials, weight and size disparities, and lower center of gravity for example) is invaluable.  The camaraderie is wonderful too, with the group usually grabbing food together afterwards.  Prior events have had upwards of 30 girls and women, from whitebelt through brownbelt.The next meeting will be on January 17 in North Richland Hills, Texas.
Check out the Girls in Gis group on facebook or http://girlsingis.weebly.com/ for more details and information!  Or contact Ariadne through Joao Crus BJJ at joaocrus@gmail.com

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